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Additional linking - information for publishers

In response to claims that the additional linking of guest posts is often too weak, resulting in indexation problems and lower link strength, we have introduced additional offer parameter. Now it is possible to add offers for guest posts (an option also available if you edit already existing offers) containing additional linking of the guest post from editorial (non-commercial) articles.

What is additional linking?

In short, the link to the article you are about to publish must be added to a certain number of various other articles on your website. This means that the link to this publication must be in the source of these subpages. You have to remember that the other articles must be published on the same page where your customer redeemed their guest post.

For example: if you publish a guest post about gardens, copy a link to the publication and insert it in some of your editorials (non-sponsored!), which are connected with topic. In this case it could be e.g. flowers, plants or houses.

How to implement them into your offers?


If you want to include this type of linking in your offer, just indicate the number of other articles, which will be linking to this specific guest post. You can do it in the form of Add Offer for a guest post in the field Additional linking from other articles.

During the execution of the order, you should:

  1.  Publish a guest post.
  2.  Add the link to the article to editorials (non-commercial articles; other than guest posts) on the same portal in the number specified in the offer.
  3.  Add links to the guest post and the articles from which it was linked in the Linkhouse panel’s tab dedicated for this order.

Outbound links from the guest post and links from other articles on the site are visible in our monitoring. It means, that our client has a constant preview of their proper activity. Additional linking is an integral part of the offer, so it must be activeat least for the time the offer covers (12 months or permanent).

Why include additional linking in your offers?

Guest posts are recognized by SEO specialists as the most effective linking method. It is also the most popular form of link building. However, customer awareness and competition in the market are constantly growing. In recent months, we have received more and more voices about expectations for stronger linking of purchased publications.

In many websites, mandatory sublinking from a category, subcategory or archive page causes the article link to quickly go to the far page. Sometimes this even causes problems with its indexation. We have to remember, that an unindexed guest post has no value for the customer.

Even more important is the huge power of links from such texts. It results from a well-linked guest post. In a nutshell – bigger effects means bigger budgets in the future, so it is a win-win situation between the client and the Publisher.

How to price an offer with additional linking?

Additional linking does not generate any costs for the Publisher except for the time it takes to add them. They do not take up advertising space that could be sold otherwise, and they do not require the creation of additional content.

Due to the above arguments and the current situation on the market, we suggest not to increase prices. Instead, you can treat this feature as an increase in the attractiveness of your offer, giving customers an additional incentive to buy publications on your portal. Of course, this is only a recommendation – as always on our platform, it is the Publisher who determines the amount he expects for publication on his portal.

If you have any questions about the functionality, contact us – [email protected]