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Campaigns based on Google Search Console

Integrate your GSC panel with our platform and create the most effective link building campaigns for your domain!

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Do you want to plan effective strategies based on the best practices for your website? So, where can you find the most valuable information about it? The answer is simple: Google Search Console – a service providing real and comprehensive data about your domain. But how can you leverage this data in your link building strategy? It’s easier than you think – use Link Planner and start harnessing real-time data about your website straight from the source to create the most efficient campaigns. This saves you time on selecting the right URLs, keywords, and eliminates the need for data processing. Integrate your GSC panel with Linkhouse and begin working on improving the rankings and visibility of your website in search results.

Campaigns Based on Google Search Console

Where to find the best information about your domain? From Google Search Console. Your information panel provides the most valuable data about your website, enabling you to create effective link-building campaigns.

To streamline the entire process – from verification and planning to selecting and purchasing the best websites – in Link Planner, we’ve introduced a campaign creation mode based on GSC data.

Simply integrate your Google Search Console panel with the platform, allowing you to obtain precise data on URLs and keywords where you already have rankings. The tool will verify thousands of phrases with the highest potential for your site and highlight popular and promising URLs. Link Planner will then prepare the most optimized and tailored offer for your domain, helping you boost your keyword rankings!

Seize the opportunities offered by Link Planner and kickstart effective link-building actions!

Integration with Google Search Console

To create a campaign based on Google Search Console, log in to the panel and then go to the Link Planner tab.

Among all the available modes (which you can read more about in our tool’s user manual) choose Increase visibility based on Google Search Console.

After selecting it, a section will appear where you will find buttons related to integrating your GSC account with the platform.

After clicking on ‘Add Integration’, a window will open with a list of accounts to integrate or the option to add a new integration.

After selecting or adding a new account and granting access, you will return to the previous view. If the integration is successful, go back to creating a campaign in Link Planner.

After adding the integration, in the Domain URL section, you will receive a list of available domains for which we can create a campaign.


Select a domain and customize the GSC settings for the data to be retrieved and filtered.

After making the edits, you can test the integration settings at any time.

Next, proceed to fill in the standard guidelines:

  • Domain language and cathegory,
  • Budget,
  • Advanced settings for page and offer parameters.

At this stage, you can also choose to create a recurring offer, about which you can read more in our instructions.

Campaign Creation and Processing

After clicking Create Offer!, the system will guide you through the next steps of campaign creation. These stages are the same as those available in other modes.

Please remember that creating an offer corresponds to using one credit in Link Planner.

In the second step, a list of URLs and keywords will appear, selected based on the data available in your GSC panel.

Choose the URLs and keywords that interest you, or leave the selection to the tool.

Next, proceed to the third step, where you’ll receive a proposal of websites with selected subpages and anchors. The highlighted websites present a campaign proposal ready for execution, optimized for budget usage and data from Google Search Console. You have the flexibility to modify this proposal as you see fit.

Then, move on to the order preview, where you’ll find details regarding the final order amount, the number of publications, and advanced guidelines.

Add the order to your cart and proceed with the payment.

In the case of selecting a campaign with content creation by Linkhouse, after payment, the campaign will be automatically forwarded for execution. Otherwise, remember to add guidelines to your orders.

Details of paid campaigns can be found in the sidebar menu under My campaigns.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or sign up for a demo where we will demonstrate how to create campaigns based on Google Search Console.