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Campaign based on Competition

Dominate the competition - plan effective campaigns based on your rivals' link profiles, saving time and budget!

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Do you care about your domain’s visibility? Or perhaps you want to save time and money on link building? If you answered yes to both questions, then Link Planner – a modern link-building tool, is for you! Link Planner verifies potential, assesses the quality of portals in the database, and optimally uses the budget. Moreover, it helps to prepare a link-building campaign (even without experience) in less than a minute.

Campaigns based on competition

If your competition ranks high for your keywords, you can quickly level the playing field in backlinking using our new option!

Link Planner allows you to create campaigns based on your competition. This option will allow you to conduct more effective SEO campaigns, better adapted to your market. You don’t have to manually compare the links of all competitors – we’ll do it for you, and additionally, thanks to Link Planner, we will select the most beneficial offer within the planned budget.

Take advantage of the opportunities that Link Planner provides, and gain an advantage over the competition!

Selection of Competition

To create a campaign based on competition, log into the panel and then go to the Link Planner tab. Choose the tool mode that best suits your needs:

  • Quick Wins – basic;
  • Visibility of URLs – intermediate-advanced;
  • Visibility of Phrases – intermediate-advanced.

A detailed description of each of the three modes can be found in our tool’s user manual. After making your selection, decide whether you want to create a one-time campaign or a recurring campaign, which you will read about in the instructions. Then go to the Campaigns Based on Competition tab.

In the form, fill in your domain, then click “Choose competition”. You will receive a list of suggested competitors along with the indicated number of common keywords. At this point, you can edit the suggested competitors by removing the given ones or adding your own positions. The maximum number of competitors, based on which we will create a proposal, is 10 positions.

Next, fill in your budget along with an indication of whether it should include us creating content. You can also mark additional requirements in terms of:

  • Page parameters,
  • Offer parameters.

After adding guidelines, proceed to Create Link-Plan.

Creating an Offer

In the second step, a list of URL addresses and keywords will appear – depending on the chosen mode, it is either suggested by the system or provided by you. Additionally, in the offer summary, you can add portals to be excluded from the offer. Once you have finished activities at this stage, proceed to the third step.

You will find a list of portals there, built on the basis of domains linking the competition, from which our Link Planner algorithm will indicate the best portals within a given budget.

Additionally, for each portal, you will find information about which competitors have a link from that domain.

In the event of too few domains on which your competition is linking, you will receive additional portal suggestions that the algorithm deems valuable.

You can make changes regarding selected pages or keywords.

Campaign Execution and Payment

After verifying the offer proposal and making any possible changes, proceed to the order preview. The summary includes detailed information about amounts, the number of portals, and advanced options such as Article Publication Date or text optimization using Surfer SEO.

Next, add the order to the cart and make the payment.

Once the order is paid, it will be promptly handed over for execution. If you chose the option of providing your own content – remember about the necessity to add them in our panel.

Details of paid campaigns can be found in the My Campaigns tab in the side menu.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or sign up for a demo where we will demonstrate how recurring campaign planning works within Link Planner.