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Recurring campaigns

Manage your campaigns more effectively, faster and cheaper thanks to the new Link Planner feature

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Link Planner is an innovative tool based on advanced artificial intelligence that not only creates link building campaign plans based on your domain but also fully executes them. With this solution, you don’t need specialized knowledge, access to expensive SEO tools, or hours of detailed analysis.

One of the key factors influencing the effectiveness of link building efforts is consistency. Conducting recurring campaigns translates into achieving better results, such as increased visibility and higher rankings in search results. However, regularly creating campaign plans and implementing them, especially when managing multiple clients, is a time-consuming task that requires significant effort and resources.

Recurring Campaigns in Link Planner

As part of Link Planner functionality, we provide the ability to create recurring campaigns. This allows you to plan a cycle of link building activities for a selected period without the need for monthly analysis, planning, and task delegation. Creating a recurring offer in Link Planner takes only 60 seconds, regardless of the campaign duration, and the entire execution process is automated. What’s more, the cost of creating a recurring offer is just 1 credit!

How to create a Recurring Campaign?

After logging into the dashboard, go to the Link Planner tab and select one of the three available modes – you can find more information on this topic in our tool’s user manual.
Then choose the Recurring Orders feature:

In the first step, add standard guidelines according to the selected Link Planner mode and select the parameters of the pages you are interested in using the filters.
Next, fill in additional guidelines:

  • Cycle start,
  • Day of the month – the day on which subsequent cyclical campaigns will be carried out,
  • Cycle end – indicating whether the campaigns should be conducted in a fixed cycle or end on a specific date,
  • Order handling – choose whether you want to personally handle any amendments/rejections or delegate their management to our Customer Service Support;
  • Article length

When creating a recurring campaign, we automatically exclude linking domains from Ahrefs. You can also enter additional pages that you want to exclude from the results.

After completing all the guidelines, proceed to create the recurring offer by selecting the “Create Recurring Offer” button.

The offer will be saved in the Recurring Campaigns tab in the side menu.

Managing Recurring Offers

The list of recurring campaigns is available exclusively in the Recurring Campaigns tab. Here, you can manage your campaigns using the following options:

  • Edit-> allows you to make changes to the planned campaigns, and their history can be found in the Edit History column.

  • Reports and Cycles -> contains reports from completed orders and the option to top up your balance to cover additional actions.

Execution of Offers within Recurring Campaigns

Funds Withdrawal from Balance

According to the established deadline for creating the recurring offer, three days before the campaign execution, the system verifies whether there are sufficient funds in the balance to proceed with the actions. If there are insufficient funds, you will be notified to top up your balance. If the funds are available, a new offer is created and the orders are automatically executed.

In case of insufficient funds on the day of executing a new offer, the following steps are taken:

  • A notification is sent by email about the continued lack of sufficient funds in the balance, and the offer creation deadline is postponed by 5 days.
  • Three days before the new deadline, the balance is re-evaluated.
  • If the funds are still not available during the attempt to execute the offer on the new date, the campaign is not created, and that particular month is skipped in the cycle.
  • If in the next month, on the first offer execution date, there are still insufficient funds in the balance, the recurring offer is completely canceled.

The recurring offer deducts only 1 credit when creating the first order. Subsequent orders executed from the offer do not consume additional credits.

Order Execution

Within recurring campaigns, all orders are executed automatically – you do not need to add any specific guidelines to the orders, and our copywriters write the texts.

Depending on the order handling option chosen in the first step, you can manage any amendments or substitutions independently or delegate these actions to our Customer Service Support, which will take the necessary steps to ensure proper campaign execution.

After completing the entire order, you will receive a report detailing the actions conducted within the specific recurring offer.

You can also find essential information describing the operation of cyclical campaigns in the top menu under the Recurring Offers tab.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or sign up for a demo where we will demonstrate how recurring campaign planning works within Link Planner.