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Check out our modern link building tool based on an AI system that will prepare the campaign and execute it for you!

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How does it work?

Add guidelines
for your campaign

Receive a proposal
for subpages and keywords

Get a list of the best
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Check the parameters
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Why should you try?

Are you out of time or experience in SEO? Our tool is a perfect solution if you need help with link selection. Moreover, any registered user receives 2 credits at start to test the tool for free.

With Link Planner you will:

How does it work?

Link Planner verifies the potential, estimates the quality of the portals in the database and allocates the budget. It helps you save time and money and prepare a link building campaign (even without experience) in less than a minute!

Link Planner will:

Linkhouse + backlinks = ❤

Linkhouse is he biggest link building marketplace with websites from all over the world. We sell over $5 million worth of backlinks each year. We believe the numbers speak for themselves, but the opinions of our publishers speak even louder.

Creating links in a simple and effective manner

The link suggestions are based on our custom Link Score, which considers more than 30 parameters. Data in the tool is also constantly updated. Link Planner will help you effectively manage a link building campaign suited to your site.

Linkhouse is: