Backlink Gap: our link building tool

Time, budget and difficulties in finding enough thematically related sites for link acquisition - these are the 3 most popular answers in the question about the biggest link building problems we asked in the Link Building in Poland study. Backlink Gap is the answer for one of them - it saves time by turning hours spent preparing offers and planning campaigns into minutes

How to choose links?

Talking with clients, preparing dedicated offers and observing users’ behavior on the platform, we noticed one of the main way of choosing linking websites. It’s often using websites from which competitors already have links. Of course it is also important to choose linking domains from which the positioned website has not previously had them.

Using this knowledge, we have prepared a link building tool that allows much faster link selection for positioned websites: Backlink Gap. Thanks to it, in a few minutes, with no need to use additional tools, you will get link suggestions based on competitors’ link profiles, with a clear explanation why a link from a given domain is worth acquiring.

Backlink Gap

We have prepared a module in which, using data from Senuto, Semstorm, Semrush and Ahrefs, we allow you to quickly prepare a link offer from domains that meet the following 3 conditions:

-the competitor has a link
-the page being offered the link does not have
-it is possible to buy the link through the Linkhouse platform

Importantly, Backlink Gap works for sites in any of over 26 language from our offer.

How does it work?

Step 1: Select the website and search engine version

In the first step, you need to specify whether the offer will be created for the entire domain or just a section of it. The option with a section is intended only for the largest websites.

You have to also fill the address of the website for which you want to prepare a proposal and the language version of the search engine in which the website should rank – on this basis we will prepare a proposal for competitors.

Step 2: Select competitors

Based on common keywords, a list of the top 10 competitors is prepared, from which the most relevant can be selected for further analysis. These results are not perfect, of course, and often the list is missing important websites that we know about – just add their addresses in the blanks.

Step 3: Analysis

Depending on the number of competitors and the number of linking domains they own, the analysis can take from a few seconds to a few minutes – the progress of the process is continuously presented on the screen. During this time, we retrieve all domains linking to your domain and those of your competitors, remove from the list the domains from which you have links, and compare the remaining domains with our marketplace.

Step 4: Results

The results includes a summary of when and for which website the bid was created (it is saved in your account and you can return to it later), basic filters and a table of offers you can order. From the results, you can also create a proforma for selected items.

You can also export the results to PDF or XLS – either the whole item or only selected positions (you can also choose which columns will be included in the export).

In addition to a number of standard parameters and information you are familiar with from the Marketplace, noteworthy is the Appearance column, which allows you to quickly rank the results by link domains most popular among competitors. It also gives a quick preview of which competitor has a link from a given website.

Important: The module has a default limitation of 2000 RD / domain – so if your website, or any of your competitors’ websites have more than 2000 linking domains (a situation that only occurs for large, top websites) the results may not be fully accurate. In this case, contact