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Google Analytics reports in Linkhouse: why and how to do it?

Website traffic statistics are one of the most important guides that Advertisers on the Linkhouse platform take into consideration. Although their submission is not required for adding an offer to our panel, their absence can lead to less interest in publications and links. Why should you post traffic information, how can you easily and automatically provide Linkhouse data, and how does Linkhouse present these statistics? We answer below.

Why share your website data with Linkhouse?

There are at least several benefits of providing key traffic reports:

  • one of the commonly used filters in our database concerned offers, whose page had added and verified traffic statistics in the report,
  • transparently presented traffic information positively affects the volume of sales,
  • Websites marked with a green shield traffic indicator are a more frequent choice for customers.

Which data and how does Linkhouse using?

Linkhouse only gets access to those statistics that you provide. They will be visible in the Marketplace to every signed-in user of the platform.

Instructions for sharing statistics


The option to send us a report is available from the Publisher -> My Sites.

Clicking this icon will load a pop-up window with the option of uploading reports in PDF format, generated straight from Google Analytics.

In this module, the correctness of the report is verified and after its analysis, the traffic value for the website is updated and the site receives a green shield designation in the Marketplace.

If the data does not match (it was taken from the wrong section or does not include results for the last 30 days), a prompt will be returned indicating the source of the error.

Traffic verification is only possible for Google Analytics users at this time – we do not offer this option for other tracking systems. If you have problems with the availability of statistics, write to us at [email protected]

Types of Google Analytics report accepted at Linkhouse

Google Analytics report: Acquisition -> Acquisition overview


Log in to your Google Analytics account and select the Acquisition -> Acquisition overview

Then select a date range – the last 30 days – click APPLY, and then Share this report – Download file -> Download PDF:


Then, you can upload the selected PDF files through “My Sites” for verification by Linkhouse.

Note that in order for your traffic statistics to be marked as verified, you must do so according to the instructions.