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Integration with Google Search Console in Linkhouse panel

GSC integration instructions for publishers

In the Linkhouse panel, we introduced integration with Google Search Console for Publishers. So, if you want to improve your indexation for free and make sure you don’t have any more problems with it, use our solution! Connecting from the Linkhouse panel to GSC gives you up to three benefits:

  • We will automatically inform Google about your new published articles by sending an address indexing request (using Indexing API),
  • Indexation check will be done via Inspection API from Google Search Console, which is the most reliable source of indexation checking,
  • In case of indexation problems, you will get detailed information about the necessary corrections using the “check again in GSC” function.

With the connection, your portals will be indexed faster, making them a more popular choice for the customer!

If you want to learn how to integrate your portals with GSC, read the guide below. If you have any questions, our support is at your service! You can use the chat at the bottom of the screen. It can be found both on and in the

How to make the integration?

STEP 1: In Google Search Console tool, you must have verified ownership of the entire domain.

STEP 2: Using the Linkhouse menu, Publisher -> Integrations, simply click on the add integration button, which directs you to Google’s login page. (Click here to do it!)

STEP 3: Google informs us about the range of information it provides to the Linkhouse application. To proceed further, press the allow button.

STEP 4: Next, the connection is made, and we are informed of its successful result by the Operation Result page. By clicking the Return to Integration page option, thanks to the connection, we can select the pages we want to have integrated.

STEP 5: Next to the newly added Linkhouse indexing API key, click the icon Connect to your portals in Linkhouse.

3 sections will appear. Program will automatically assign the pages detected in the search console.

A. FIRST SECTION contains sites, that can be integrated via Linkhouse. In other words, these are the sites verified in the search console, which we have differentially added as in publisher in the Linkhouse app.

B. SECOND SECTION contains pages that have permissions in search console, but are not added in the proper form to the Linkhouse.

C. THIRD SECTION: contains pages that do not have the necessary permissions, so we can not use them in the Google API. The verified page must have the status of:
– owner in case we verify the entire domain, or
– owner, or full – in case we chose to verify by the full URL (containing for example, the http/https protocol)


STEP 6: Using the FIRST SECTION, select the chosen pages and click save. From this moment these pages are integrated into Google Search Console.

STEP 7: Now, in the lists of websites and orders, you will see a special icon next to each website connected to the API. Congratulations, your sites are integrated!

Additionaly, in case our publication is marked as unindexed in the system, we have the option to send a request for automatic URL re-verification directly from the Linkhouse panel. This process takes a few seconds and is done in real time.

Remember that any published article that is not indexed has no chance of being found in organic search results, which makes it worthless to the client. So it is worth taking advantage of the solutions that Linkhouse offers. Take care of your income, as well as your future and current clients!