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Content marketing: 14 ways to create valuable content








If you are not focused on creating authentic and valuable materials for the reader, we have sad news for you – you will probably waste your time and effort on building such content. Even the best SEO activities and paid online ads will not improve traffic and conversions if no one visits your website or blog article and takes the actions you want, like subscribing to a newsletter. If you want your lyrics to be really successful, you need to focus on giving people what they need. This means that you have to focus on delivering value, e.g., through content marketing.

Content marketing has become a common language for marketers. If successful, it increases the involvement of current and potential members and builds a leadership position in the industry. However, it requires the involvement of many factors to achieve great results. Our 14 ways to create valuable posts will help you achieve your goals!

What is content marketing?

Content is critical as it attracts attention, keeps you engaged, and solves problems. Today it is not enough to be on the Internet. Now it’s about how to get noticed online. This is the real mission of content marketing!

It is a marketing strategy that involves the constant creation and distribution of qualitative, relevant, and engaging materials to attract and encourage a target audience to buy. This form of marketing does not directly promote the brand but instead stimulates consumer interest in its product/service and builds a positive perception. The more value you offer consumers through content marketing in the form of expert knowledge and appropriate solutions, the more you will encourage them to buy.

Why is content marketing so important?

Content marketing is no longer a market trend but a strategic investment to achieve tremendous business success. Thanks to it, the brand can gain greater importance and visibility on the Internet and gain recognition among its customers.

If you choose to work with content marketing, be it on social media or your website, you’ll be making use of the texts. The same thing happens when you choose email marketing or corporate blogs: you’ll always need content. Using well-structured materials can achieve several goals, such as teaching people how to use your product or service to stave off a problem. You have to remember that people today have thousands of articles to read. They are immersed in a sea of ​​information, so you should pay attention to what you post if you want them to choose your brand.

What are the benefits of having good content?

Knowing what a well-written text should look like and being able to use in practice ways to create good entries, you can effectively win recipients’ interest and achieve satisfactory business goals with the help of content marketing.

True, there are other ways to be online besides content marketing. So why choose this option for your business? Because content marketing is the foundation and complement to different digital marketing strategies. Well-thought-out and skillfully planned publications can effectively support the promotion of your brand online, help achieve your goals, generate user engagement and increase the visibility of your website in search results. They can also acquire leads, support sales, build long-term customer relationships, gain their loyalty, increase credibility and awareness of the brand, and create a positive image of the company as an expert in the industry.

Therefore, it is worth focusing on creating such content marketing that will help improve recipients’ quality of life and work. As you may have noticed, it is not enough to insert a block of text, two photos and publish such a blog post. Nowadays, you even need to stimulate emotions, surprise, provide interesting facts, and have fun and teach. Fortunately, there are appropriate ways, tools and techniques to achieve your goals. Are you ready to meet them? If so, fasten your seat belts!

How to build valuable content?

# 1 Define your target audience and its needs

The first step in a content marketing strategy is to focus on your customers, as your content should always be based on what is most important to them. Next, it is necessary to create an effective content marketing strategy and clearly define the readers’ challenges. The easiest way to find out what they need is to go straight to the source. Ask them directly or check out comments on their blog, competition blogs. What unique insights, tips and data can your company provide to solve their problems? Which channels are most effective at reaching this group? It’s essential to write for a specific target, not everyone. If you were to try to deliver valuable posts to every possible audience, you probably wouldn’t hit the mark for any of them.

# 2 Define the purpose of your content

To build an effective strategy, you will also need to define the goals you plan to achieve with your content. They must be measurable, timed and achievable – there is no point in dreaming about the proverbial willow pears. Each goal depends, among other things, on the industry, available resources, conducted activity, or the client’s vision. They are, of course, closely related to the target group. In addition, they may contain smaller goals that will allow you to achieve the main one.

# 3 Choose your content type

You can create sales, informative or educational texts. It is worth distinguishing them because if you construct the right message, the recipient will think they have found precisely what they were looking for on your website. Moreover, the probability that the customer will come back to you often in the future will increase. So by being aware of what your target group is looking for, you will be able to plan future publications effectively. By providing content marketing responses tailored to your expectations, you encourage others to your brand and create an image of an expert and increase the click-through rate (CTR) on your website.

# 4 Get the right tools for the job

Technological equipment, resources, applications, Internet access – take care of everything needed during work to do the best job. There are thousands of paid and free tools with primary and extended capabilities. Some of them also allow you to monitor mentions of a given brand that appear on the web. The challenge for managers is finding the right ones to implement to help their employees. So it is essential that your company has the right software and your teams can do their job efficiently. When they don’t have the right tools, they are forced to rely on what is at their fingertips. This can lead to slow work and inadequate use of resources, with the result that the task – in our case, building content – is of poor quality.

# 5 Do content marketing research

When creating blog posts, you need statistics, facts, and even the opinion of other experts to support your point of view. How can I find the information I need? Do your research! This is another crucial aspect when preparing to write. Without it, you would have no idea about the necessary information to describe the topic you are focusing on. Research is the key to building a valuable message. Your readers will not want to consume texts that are sucked off the finger. Using reliable sources of information proves that you are committed to providing high-quality materials. It also has an impact on trust and loyalty and all companies desire such a situation. No wonder your content marketing strategy also has to be based on extensive research.

# 6 Choose keywords

A well-chosen set of keywords is one of the most critical elements to consider. They should be closely related to the nature of the business and its offer so that users get exactly what they are looking for when entering the phrase in the search engine. Therefore, find the right keywords and fill in the text you created with them, of course without exaggeration. It is also worth considering the competitiveness of individual keywords, which the competition analysis will help. Here, too, you will need content marketing tools that will allow you to capture popular topics quickly.

# 7 Come up with an interesting headline

The title is the first and sometimes the only part of your article that potential users will see. It is important to attract their attention and encourage them to read the material through it. Thus, a compelling title is a key to noticing and reading your article, which is the first step to inviting the reader to read further. A strong headline provides specific information but at the same time contains little detail just to get attention without telling the whole story. In other words, the title is essential and has a lot to do. You can do additional research on what Internet users search most often. This research can validate your ideas on a catchy topic, pinpoint new points of view, and help you discover entirely new areas for you to add.

# 8 Stick to a set structure

The structure of the text is also crucial. It’s a good idea to have an overall plan that outlines what information you intend to include in the text and in what order it will occur. This is called the document structure. Developing this structure will save you time while typing. It will ensure that you fit all the necessary information, including details. It will also help to improve your typing fluency. In addition, the use of subheadings, highlights, etc., enhances readability, highlights some elements, and allows easy navigation, which causes smooth transitions from one section to another.

# 9 Use plain language

You don’t want the reader to get tired of reading your content. With so many distractions and opportunities for immediate distraction, you want everyone to feel comfortable and stay until the end. And that requires a formal language to be easy to read. Making content easily digestible requires constant editing and checking of work. So don’t create worthless posts that waste your and your customers’ time. Remember to maintain linguistic correctness and use impeccable Polish or another language. The priceless text should be characterized by, among other things, short sentences in the active voice, vocabulary accessible to an average Internet user, dynamic verbs expressing movement and emotions, and direct phrases.

# 10 Be authentic

One of the biggest challenges for content marketers is to stand out from the competition. It’s no secret that customers want truthful content. Your end goals may vary, but don’t risk your company’s credibility and standing by publishing articles that don’t find coverage in the real world. Only authentic and quality texts are the best way to attract and keep your audience’s attention. You can look for inspiration from leaders but also pay attention to your own space. Read the comments to see what people think or are missing. Their questions can inspire you to a new post!

# 11 Use infographics in content marketing

Infographics are gaining popularity and are widely used by businesses, both in digital and printed form. They are a straightforward, practical and artistic way of conveying information without losing the viewer’s attention. They are used as a powerful tool that enables people to easily digest information using visual data, graphs, and statistics. They can be transformed into unforgettable, eye-catching, and even convincing graphics with the right design. It is known that people are inundated with information every day and the scope of attention is getting smaller every second. For this reason, the way the content is presented turns out to be very important and even decisive for whether the user will remain on your website.

# 12 Include internal and external linking

What to add to content marketing activities to make texts even more helpful? Internal and external links! Internal links are essential on any website because they take the reader to your subpages and key sections, help build page authority, build internet user experience, and build connections between websites with just one click. On the other hand, external links are the most important source of ranking strength. The number of high-quality external links that you direct to your website has a significant impact on your website’s ranking in search engines and, therefore, your website visits. Both types of linking add more meaning to the material.

# 13 Monitor how your content marketing is doing

Simply put, you won’t know if texts are serving your goals without measuring them well. And if you don’t know if what you are doing is working, you are wasting your time and money. The most significant advantage of digital media is accessing data on demand. You can closely monitor the type of publication, traffic, engagement and regularly check how the articles created so far are doing their job. Unfortunately, measurements are so often taken for granted that we sometimes underestimate their great importance.

# 14 Update your content

Marketers often focus on generating more and more content, following news, trends and what others are doing, and therefore forget to control existing articles. It is essential to update your posts, especially those popular and have outdated data. Ask yourself how you can improve them. It’s a smart way to boost the interest of old blogs and a tremendous low-risk strategy to engage your surfers while leveraging past successes.


It is best that the content you publish is qualitative and provides clients with solutions to the problems. To achieve this, when creating content, use methods that make the message more attractive, allow you to share your knowledge and attract new recipients. After all, that’s what you care about, right?

Writing valuable material takes time and effort – and your readers definitely deserve it. This is quite a challenge, considering how difficult it is nowadays to gain and maintain the average Internet user’s attention. Most importantly, keep an eye on your goal of delivering real value to your audience. Therefore, find out who they are and what they expect, and then do your best to ensure that they get the content they have been looking for for a long time.

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