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November is behind us, so it’s time for a little summary, including:

Linkhouse integration with Surfer AI

Surfer AI, available through Surfer SEO, is a tool that allows you to generate search engine-optimized content. Thanks to its integration with Linkhouse, you now have the opportunity to create articles using Surfer AI directly from our platform and immediately publish them on a selected website from our Marketplace.

This tool will automatically create articles in English based on the keywords you select. You can freely edit the content and immediately submit it for publication. The entire process, from purchasing an entry to publishing, can take just a few minutes!

Articles generated using Surfer AI are based on analyzing websites that rank effectively for your chosen main keyword.

New functionalities in our Google Chrome plugin

The plugin received many positive opinions, which is why we expanded its capabilities in November. Now, when viewing search results, you can use the new heart-shaped button “Send a request to add website to Linkhouse”.

After selecting it, we will receive information that there is interest in a given website, and we will try to gain it for our marketplace. 

Website traffic statistics with new metric

We have added a new metric regarding the traffic of the selected websites to our Marketplace. When you hover over the organic traffic column, you will receive information about the countries where the website has the highest traffic. This will help you even better choose domains that meet the requirements of your project:

More data means even greater precision in selection. Check out our new feature now:

Sharing our API

We’ve developed an API that allows you to create your tools for utilizing our platform. The initial API functions are ready; some users are already testing them.

If you want to join the testing phase, write to us at [email protected], and we’ll provide details!

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