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Content marketing: the recipe for success








Working as an advertiser in the banner blindness era is a tough job. Internet users are tired and annoyed by ads, and they simply ignore them or instal adblocking program. According to the survey from 2017 615 million devices use adblock all over the world. As the motivation for using adblock respondents pointed security, interruption, speed, too many ads, privacy and poor frequency capping. Is the adblock wall an answer? No, 74% of American adblock users say they leave sites with them. It’s also an issue for publishers as advertising seems to be the key way of website monetisation.

Content marketing comes with a beneficial solution. Valuable articles, graphics, videos, podcasts and other forms which response to audiences’ needs can become a game-changers for your brand. While others try to figure out how to trick Adblock, you should be smarter and join the marketers who use content marketing. While it became quite popular these days, sometimes it’s only used as a point actions, not as a complete strategy. Most marketers concentrate on content creation, but equally important is distribution (and redistribution), so the carefully created content can be delivered to as many customers as possible.

The recipe for a exceptional content marketing is not that hard. You just need a few ingredients, like vegan supplements…. Just kidding! Keep reading to get to know our recipe for success.

How to support content marketing?

Sponsored content

It’s the type of content published as a native ad because it seems to be like every other content on the website. This way publishers can engage readers while delivering a message about the brand. It gives the opportunity for marketers to reach their audience in the best place and in an intrusive way to gain customers attention. As research showed „Despite demographic and content differences, business and entertainment news users are highly receptive to in-feed sponsored content if it is relevant, authoritative, and trustworthy.”. So the crucial aspect you should focus on is an accurate content targeted to an adequate group. The main advantage is that readers who enter the website eager for information, so they pay attention to content while consuming it. So that you should be careful about the „dose” of an ad in this content – only balanced and subtle native ads can profit in the long run.

How to find the most suitable websites for your sponsored content? Linkhouse is coming for a rescue! It’s a platform which connects advertisers with publishers. All you need to do is signing up for free and search for the best option. You should put all the essential information like localisation, topic, price. Therefore, you’ll get only the valuable results. If you’ll decide to cooperate with a chosen website you can also outsource copywriting service in the platform. Let’s face it, the manual searching for best publisher could take ages, while with Linkhouse it’s only a few seconds.


As mentioned before, distribution plays a key role when it comes to content marketing. One of the most popular way for it is to use social media platforms. There are many of them, and you should pick the most suitable for your branch and simply post in the places where your audience is. You can use many platforms, but remember not to spam. Imagine a customer who follows your brand at few social networks and tries to predict his or her reactions if you’ll post everywhere the same text and graphic about a new article on the blog. Annoying, right?

To keep distribution appealing and original turn your content into five more. Create not only a graphic to link post but also infographic, animation, highlight, slideshow, quotes, maybe even podcast. Your audience is not unified. Remember that everyone has their own preferences and other forms are easy to consume. Also, platforms have different specifics when it comes to media, so create them especially for chosen social media. You can also redistribute the same content in a while to remind about a particular article, but use a different form, so you’re fans won’t get bored of your posts. The crucial is planning. Try to look at this from the recipient point of view. What day and time is best for consuming your content? How often you’d like to be reminded about it? What’s the best way to attract you to it? When you answer this questions – start planning.

There are many tools which can support you in the context of distribution and redistribution. One of the best on the market right now is Kontentino. It’s a platform for managing social media accounts. You can run many social networks in one place (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest), thus you can have the calendar overview to schedule all the posts and prevent spamming. Inside the app, you’ll also have the posts preview, and many features related to team cooperation and client’s approvals. You can even boost scheduled posts in advance as they are exported to Facebook immediately. Meet Kontentino closer thanks to a free trial.

Marketing automation

Thanks to new technologies many processes can be automated which could be highly effective and time-saving. The most important aspect of marketing automation is that it allows personalisation in no time and almost without human resources. In this case, also the time and place matters, which means you should consider the most relevant circumstances for your audience to have contact with your content. Once you start your adventure with marketing automation, you’ll love it. It widens the horizon of possibilities when it comes to user experience.

What’s marketing automation in use? For example newsletter. You’re probably very familiar with this method at least in a traditional way – sending one message to all subscribers. When marketing automation enters the game, it’s getting interesting. It can help you personalise the message and run many campaigns to many targeted groups. Another great example is chatbot. By adding this feature to your website, you can improve your customer service by answering clients’ questions immediately. It could also be used as a content distribution method. While helping clients, ask if they’d like to join your newsletter or even directly get some piece of content from the chat by downloading a PDF with buyers guidebook or whatever else valuable content.

Last, but not least – web push notifications can be a resultful way of content distribution. Customers become subscribers only by one click – no forms and sharing sensitive data. You can target your campaigns for people interested in particular topics. Web push notifications work when internet user are at every website, not only yours, so they’ll get a notification when they’re using a web browser; therefore it’s probably the right time for them to consume your content. PushPushGo, one of the best tools for push web notifications, can also help you build the targeting groups based not only on demographics but also interests or behaviours at your website. A free trial wouldn’t hurt, right? Don’t wait – automatize your content marketing.

Counteract to over-production of the content. Don’t waste the potential of your articles, podcasts, videos, reports etc. Use a set of methods and tools to get to numerous targeted groups and success not only in content marketing but in the long run also in business.

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