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Marketing is not a cakewalk, as we already proved in one of our recent articles. To manage your marketing activities, you need a manpower, strategy, selected target groups… and tools to make your efforts be more effective and better.

We know that you can find a lot of toolboxes around the Internet – but ours seems to be unique, as we tried to cover tools everyone else is scared of. This piece of content offer you possibilities you probably wouldn’t think about at the first place: web push notifications, Instagram stories app or sales funnel tracking, and you can ask yourself: do I really need them? Our approach is to test and find your own toolbox you will use on a daily basis, and our recommendations can come in handy.

Below, you will find our ultimate collection of 24 tools you should definitely make the most of for your marketing strategy. Let us know if you liked them, and share them with your friends!

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