Introducing a new feature of the platform – here’s the Publisher Dashboard!








We have just introduced another innovation that will make it easier for Publishers to use the Linkhouse platform. The Publisher Dashboard is a feature that provides instant access to the most important insights.

In the Publisher Dashboard:

  • You will immediately see all orders for your websites and have an easy way to check their details.
  • You can check data on earnings from your sites and the number of publications on your portals, as well as download charts and summaries that you can easily use in your own reporting and planning future actions.
  • You will find the Indexing panel, which allows you to control the status of your pages in real-time.
  • You can take advantage of other useful features, such as links to helpful articles, news, and shortcuts to the most important features.

Watch our video presentation of the Publisher Dashboard!

Control your orders and portals in one place try the Publisher Dashboard in the Linkhouse app!

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