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Link Building Campaign for a Furniture Company: +52% more clicks per GSC. Case study







Unveiled in 2022, Link Planner by Linkhouse is a pioneering tool that automates the laborious aspects of link building, including:

  • research,
  • outreach,
  • content creation.

It analyzes URLs, plans campaigns, suggests link placements, and helps curating content, all while reducing costs. We’ve validated Link Planner’s effectiveness through numerous campaigns. We invite you to discover the power of Link Planner in our latest case study. Dive in to see how our client achieved positive results by providing only their campaign goal, domain, and budget. Link Planner handled the rest.

Link building campaign in a niche furniture industry (Polish for Love Your Spine) is a company dedicated to helping people work comfortably and pain-free. Specializing in ergonomic furniture, they offer top-quality ergonomic chairs, orthopedic chairs, and electric desks that support a healthy posture.

Like many other niche online businesses, they used Link Planner aiming to increase online visibility and organic traffic.

Given the nature of their business, they would also be looking into building authority in their niche through educational content that answers common questions about back pain and ergonomics.

Campaign details

Link Planner can be used in three modes, depending on the goal and the level of expertese. The client conducted the campaign independently using Mode 1 (increasing site visibility) and Mode 2 (increasing visibility of specific URLs) of the Link Planner.

(if you want to learn more of Link Planner modes, here’s the manual).

Costs: approximately 680 USD (2,800 PLN net)  divided into 5 small campaigns
Number of backlink: 27
Campaign start date: October 3, 2022

TL;DR summary for the website:

+38% estimated traffic increase according to Semstorm
+52% increase in clicks according to Google Search Console
↗5 – increase in average position*

*based on GSC – without brand queries

Summary for linked URLs:

+96% increase in clicks
↗5.5 – increase in average position*

*based on GSC – without brand queries

We analized the data for linked phrases with Google Search Console. We compared the period from September 26 to October 2 (a day before campaign start) to February 20 to 26, 2022.

In the procees, these are example articles with backlinks that were bought through Link Planner.

All these are educational articles on health, interior or lifestyles websites:

Let’s dig deeper into the data now:


Semstorm is an SEO/SEM tool that is used to analyze and optimize websites for better visibility in search engine results.

We often use it to analize backlink profile as well as to draw conslusions regarsing the visibility and traffic.

The charts show 5 arrows representing the moments when articles were bought through Linkhouse.

The amounts allocated to the campaign by the client were relatively small: 145 USD, 157 USD, 120 USD, 110 USD, 145 USD.

The chart above shows the estimated traffic and the number of phrases in the TOP10. Estimated traffic is calculated based on positions and search volume, providing a more realistic visibility metric.

Changes in visibility, such as moving from TOP10 to TOP5, won’t be visible on the chart, so estimated traffic can indicate such changes.

Semstorm data is reliable and can be verified by everyone with an access to the tool.

Google Search Console

The chart above shows the total clicks for the entire website. The arrows indicate the start of each of 5 campaigns.

The corelation between clicks and link building campagins is directly visible.

Also, Google Search Console is a basic tool for analysing organic position of the website in the search engine.

Year on year increase

See below, the year-over-year increase in clicks (November 2021 to November 2022). It was 77% and was recored just asfter two link building campaigns.

Additionally, in the period from February 2022 to February 2023, there was an impressive 99% increase in clicks!

Core Web Vitals

It it worth noting that, the website does not meet Core Web Vitals requirements, which is why the report below shows 0% correct URLs.

Core Web Vitals are indicators developed by Google to visualize website quality.

The chart illustrates the indexing of the website according to Google Search Console. The number of indexed pages decreased by 20%.

The number of indexed pages has remained the same over the last 3 months. The website expansion did not have an impact on visibility and traffic. The increase in subpages at the end of February is related to products added to the website.

How did the backlinked URLs grow - the detailed analysis

Let’s now take a closer look into four URLs on where Link Planner was getting backlinks.

Ergonomic calculator

The ergonomic calculator is a helpful piece of content where a user can get insights into buying the right sized office chair.

The attached screenshot shows the traffic and click trend from the beginning of the campaign on the subpage.

Observe the average position increase of 3.5.

Ergonomic chairs for computer work

Let’s move to another URL. Ergonomic charis for computer work is an example of a product category.

Apart of the display of the products, it has a lof of useful guidelines for the user.

The attached screenshot shows the traffic and click trend from the beginning of the campaign on the “ergonomic chairs for computer work” category page.

Average position increased from 15.9 to 10.4 and clicks increased from 44 to 134.

Office chair for a sick spine

Now, move to the product example. It’s quite a niche product, targeted on a narrow group.

The attached screenshot shows the traffic and click trend from the beginning of the campaign on the “office chair for sick spine” product page.

Average position increase from 7.4 to 5.8 and an increase in clicks from 18 to 56 weekly.

Classic orthopedic chair

Now, let’s conclude with another product page – this time with more popular product, a classic orthopedic office chair.

The attached screenshot shows the traffic and click trend from the beginning of the campaign on the “classic orthopedic chair for computers” product page.

Average position increase from 11.9 to 6.6 and an increase in clicks from 17 to 36 on a weekly scale.

Link building campaign summary

External links are one of the three groups of algorithmic factors used by Google (the other two being technical elements and content). In the analyzed period, the changes mainly affected external links, which is why the effects of the link building efforts are visible on the linked URLs.

The website experienced a slight increase in visibility when the client started the campaign. Since then, a consistent growth has been maintained for both the website and, importantly, for the linked URLs, which are crucial from a business perspective. The links had a positive impact on blog articles, products, and categories.

We are also aware that during this period, Google released several algorithm updates (including the Helpful Content Update and SpamBrain). Updates are a natural part of the Google ecosystem, and what matters most is the effect we achieve after the updates, which is undeniably positive for the mentioned website.

Link Planner in comprehensive link building campaigns

URLs and portals for linking were selected in Link Planner within a few seconds. The tool takes into account more factors and utilizes a larger number of tools than an SEO specialist (based on the Link Building in Poland 2022 survey). The entire process was handled by Linkhouse – from preparation to execution and assistance in the final publication. The client’s task was simply to go through three simple steps and trust the AI system.

Give your domain a chance, try Link Planner!

Register for free to receive 2 credits for testing the tool.

Another Link Planner Case Study is already in preparation!

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