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Sponsored articles – the missing link in your SEO strategy








Sponsored articles are a great way to increase the visibility of your website in search engines and build a high position of your company on the market. Over the last few years, they have gained immense popularity, so you should pay special attention to them when developing your SEO strategy. They differ from “classic” articles in that the company’s publication is commissioned and paid for to promote its products, services, or the entire brand. In this article, you will find out how sponsored articles can benefit you and use their full potential in your SEO strategy!

Why is it worth investing in sponsored articles?

Sponsored articles, if skillfully written and published in the right places, can significantly increase traffic to your website, making them an essential part of your SEO strategy. You can achieve this effect both thanks to the fact that they affect the visibility of your website in search engines and thanks to them, thanks to them, the recipients get the opportunity to become acquainted with your offer.

Sponsored articles, in addition to increasing traffic on your website, will also help you reach a wide group of customers who have not had contact with your brand before but are active users of social media or readers of thematic blogs. Thanks to this, your brand recognition among consumers will increase, strengthening your position on the market and indirectly translating into sales results.

Also, don’t forget that your website’s high position in search engines is not the only benefit that sponsored articles can bring you. Thanks to their merit, it is crucial that you can start building a stable, trust-based relationship with new clients. Therefore, sponsored articles must be of high quality and contain the information necessary for the recipients – thanks to this, you will present your brand to them from the best, professional side.

Sponsored articles in the SEO strategy

Building an influential sponsored article taking into account your SEO strategy does not have to be a complicated task! What elements and treatments are worth remembering? What mistakes should not be made?

Link building – why is it important?

Including links to your website in sponsored articles is the basis of an effective SEO strategy. If there are no links in the text, the article will not affect your website positioning in any way, and you will lose time and money spent on promoting your brand. Link building is therefore crucial for the visibility of your website in search engines, so it is worth approaching it with caution to be able to get the most benefits from it.

How to put links in the text? Of course, a universal and eagerly chosen place is a summary or a footer with the sponsor’s data. But, of course, you can also use links in other parts of the text – for example, if it lists individual products or services that are on your offer, it would be a good idea to include the link in the same paragraph or “smuggle” it in the form of an anchor text. Remember that if you decide to use anchors, they must be as naturally interwoven into the article’s content as possible and adequately highlighted.

Apart from influencing the position of your website in search engines, skillful link building can also turn out to be an invaluable tool in attracting new customers. A very effective strategy is to combine a link with a call to action (CTA). The encouragement to visit your website and learn about your brand’s offer significantly increases the chances that the internet user clicks the link in the sponsored article, which will positively affect the traffic on your website.

Remember that the greater number of links in a sponsored article does not necessarily translate into a higher position in the search results but may discourage recipients from entering your company when they notice the text being “overloaded” with links. Then they will be less likely to get acquainted with your offer, and you will waste the chance to derive additional benefits from link building for your brand.

How to choose the right keywords?

Skillful link building, while fundamental to the success of your SEO strategy, is only half the battle. It is equally important that sponsored articles contain relevant keywords. They can be found both in the content of the text and in the headings and title – then they will also serve as information about the content of the article, thanks to which you gain a greater chance to arouse the curiosity of potential customers.

Why is it so important? Keywords and phrases will allow Internet users to find sponsored articles in the search results. The better they are matched to what users enter in search engines, the greater the probability of seeing your sponsored article. Therefore, the most effective strategy is to select keywords and phrases that will reflect the text’s content well and match the current search trends. Thus, selecting the right keywords in the SEO strategy must be well thought out and preceded by detailed research in the target group.

Although much more often entered in search engines, shorter and more general keywords are not a guarantee of success because we can find them on many websites that also compete for attractive positioning. On the other hand, longer and more precise keywords have the advantage that, due to their specialization, the chance of finding our sponsored article with them increases – the downside is that Internet users less often use them. Therefore, an effective SEO strategy should consider these dependencies when choosing keywords and phrases for a sponsored article.

Choosing the right place for publication

In addition to skillful link building and keyword selection, where the sponsored articles will be published is also extremely important. Even the best text may not bring the expected benefits for your brand if it is not displayed in the right place. From the point of view of SEO strategy, the more popular the website you place them on in search results, the better. When deciding on the place of publication, also pay attention to how much of the content appearing there is covered by sponsored articles – if this number is significant, or un-sponsored texts do not appear at all, consider whether this cooperation will be beneficial for you.

However, remember to consider other factors when choosing the place of publication, such as the thematic profile of the website or the amount you will have to pay for publishing a sponsored article. The more the website’s subject corresponds to your scope of activity, the greater the chance that visitors will become interested in your offer and generate traffic on your website. This strategy will allow you to get many more benefits from publishing sponsored articles than just a high ranking in the search engines.

How to write attractive sponsored articles for SEO?

Sponsored articles written with the SEO strategy in mind and containing links and keywords must also be attractive and exciting for potential customers. However, if you focus solely on search engine optimization of your content, ignoring its consistency and correctness, you can do more harm than good to your brand.

So how to find a balance and not discourage the audience? Make sure that keywords and phrases are interwoven into the content of the text as naturally as possible and that the links do not dominate the rest of the article. First of all, pay attention to whether the grammatical form of the word or keyword phrase fits the rest of the sentence and whether the entire sentence is clearly worded. Incorrect and inconsistent content, even if it contains many links and keywords, looks unprofessional and careless, which can negatively affect the image of your company.

Also, do not forget that the recipient of the content you publish is not an internet search engine but the person using it – your potential client. People who find your sponsored article will quickly find out if the text was not created for them, but about positioning, which may discourage them from visiting your company and getting to know its offer. A too high density of keywords and links does not necessarily provide your website with better visibility in search results, but it can negatively affect your relationships with potential customers. That is why it is so important to always take care of the linguistic correctness and attractiveness of sponsored articles in your SEO strategy.


Sponsored articles are a great way to increase traffic on your website, positioning it in search results and increasing your brand recognition. Including them in your SEO strategy will improve your reach and attract a new group of customers, so it is worth investing in them so that they can bring your company as much benefit as possible now. You can create them yourself or outsource them – check our offer.

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