Unlocking Financial Potential: Why 2023’s SEO Affiliate Programs Are a Game-Changer








In 2023, SEO affiliate programs are a game-changing opportunity for those in the digital marketing sphere. By partnering with top SEO software providers, you can monetize your skills and earn attractive commissions while simultaneously promoting essential tools. This synergy between affiliates and companies is a gateway to financial success in the online world.

Most profitable SEO affiliate programs in 2023

If you’re an SEO professional aiming to boost your earnings and expand your business, there’s an abundance of affiliate programs at your disposal. Here’s a list of our favorite options.

The Semrush Affiliate Program

The SEMrush affiliate program, powered by Impact Radius, stands as a highly convenient opportunity for marketers looking to make money on their digital marketing skills. This program employs a revenue-sharing model, where affiliates promote Semrush in exchange for commissions on sales and trial activations resulting from their promotions.


Unlimited Earning Potential: As a Semrush affiliate, you can earn $200 for every new subscription sale, $10 for every new first sale, and even $0.01 for new sign-ups generated through your referrals.

120-Day Cookie Lifespan: Benefit from a generous 120-day cookie duration, ensuring that you can earn commissions for your referrals, even if they convert after some time.

No Limit on Earnings: There is no cap on how much you can earn, meaning your income potential is virtually limitless. The more you promote Semush, the more you can earn.

Dedicated Support: Semrush’s experienced account managers are ready to assist you, ensuring you have the guidance and support you need to maximize your earnings.

Quite reasonably, becoming a Semrush affiliate involves meeting specific requirements. Applicants are reviewed for alignment with the Semrush brand, website/social media quality, traffic, content relevance, and audience fit. Spam and fraudulent tactics are discouraged, and email addresses should match the website’s domain.

The HOTH SEO Affiliate Program

The HOTH—a renowned SEO, and Content Marketing company—offers a suite of SEO tools, including Rank Checker, SEO Audit, PPC Calculator, and high-quality SEO packages. Their current SEO affiliate program looks quite impressive.

High Conversion Potential: On average, each HOTH SEO client purchases 2.68 packages, potentially spending $400 to $600 within their first two months of engagement, which means more conversions for you.

Diverse SEO-Related Products: You can promote a variety of tools to increase your earnings. For example, Hoth Blogger serves high-quality blog content, Hoth X for managed SEO, Hoth Guest Post for guest posts, Hoth Video for website videos, Hoth Business Listings, and Hoth PPC services.

Referral Payout: $0.01 per each new account opened through your referral.

Up to 25% Commissions: The program offers up to 25% commissions, with higher-priced products yielding more substantial commissions.

60-Day Cookie Lifespan: Benefit from a 60-day cookie duration for extended commission earning.

Once you sign up to the Hoth affiliate program you will receive promotional tools, including banners, to effectively market the company products. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the program conditions and keep in mind that even though The HOTH is well-known among SEO professionals it is still not as widely recognized among the general public for SEO products.

The Linkhouse Affiliate Program

Another strong contestant in our competition for the most profitable SEO affiliate program is Linkhouse. By becoming its affiliate and introducing new clients to the Linkhouse platform you will be able to make money for the next five years.


5% commission for each purchase made by clients you referred. Considering that the average monthly cart value is about $1520, you can make $76 with every referral!

Over 5 years that can sum up to $4560 per each new client you have brought to Linkhouse.

With Linkhouse you can get your own referral links and track them with an easy-to-use tracking platform.High customer satisfaction: most Linkhouse customers do repeat business and become part of their loyal customer base

Signing up for the Linkhouse affiliate program will only take you a minute. Simply log in to your account and click “Finance” and then “Affiliate Program”. You will be requested to provide your contact information and—in case you live outside Poland—your tax residency certificate.

The Money Robot SEO Affiliate Program

Money Robot is a well-known automated SEO and link-building software used by many website owners and online marketing specialists to improve their website’s SEO ranking and visibility.  You can join their affiliate program for free, and what’s even better—you will be awarded $25 just for signing up.


$100 flat commission for every lifetime license you sell$20 commission for every monthly subscription sold through your referral

No limits on how many licenses you can sellConvenient payment through Paypal, Skrill, Western Union, or bank transferFree training on how to promote the tool

Easy contact with Money Robot via live chat simple and quick sign-up process

The Money Robot affiliate program stands out for its simplicity and clarity. However, it’s worth noting that there is a minor condition to keep in mind: Withdrawals are permissible after you’ve been an affiliate for at least one month, and your account balance reaches a minimum of $100.

The SEOPressor Affiliate Program

SEOPressor ranks among the leading WordPress plugins for SEO due to its ability to simplify on-page search engine optimization, making it accessible even to those without prior digital marketing expertise. This tool offers immediate recommendations for content optimization and provides an overall quality score.

The software operates on a subscription-based model, which means that if you join the SEOPressor affiliate program, you can earn regular monthly commissions.


Partnership with a well-established and reputable brand. The SEO pressor software has been on the market since 2010 and has since built up a reputation of being the mandatory WordPress SEO Plugin.

Promissory earning potential: has been sold over 100,000 times, and optimized over 23 million WordPress pages.

Recurring commissions of up to 50% for every month that your referred buyer pays.

Payouts on a monthly basis. Media kits, promotional resources, and materials for email marketing campaigns are available to download.

One drawback of the SEOPressor affiliate program is that you must have a Clickbank account and provide your Clickbank ID before you can join.

The Serpstat Affiliate Program

Serpstat is a multifunctional SEO platform with more than 30 tools for SEO and PPC professionals, marketing experts, and big digital agencies. Their affiliate program is another one that distinguishes itself as very straightforward. The very fact that any registered user automatically receives an affiliate link is the best proof of that.


10% commission from 1 to 5 first payments 20% commission from 6 to 20 first payments 30% commission from the 21st first payment

Earnings for ALL the payments from referrals (not only the first one but all the subsequent ones too). Weekly payments start at $50.Earnings from referrals can be used to buy or extend your own subscription to the Serpstat software.

Ongoing support Full onboarding Easy contact through live chat

Paypal withdrawals (50 USD as minimum account balance) Easy access to your affiliate statistics right from the account:

Are there any disadvantages to becoming a Serpstat ambassador? The cookie lifespan is limited to just 15 days, it might take up to one month for earnings to be withdrawn, and your commission rate can decrease if you don’t meet the required minimal activity.

Review the affiliate agreement thoroughly to ensure you are well-informed about what to anticipate.

The AMZ Watcher Affiliate Program

AMZ Watcher is an automatic Amazon Affiliate links checker, which helps Amazon affiliate partners check their websites for any broken or unavailable Amazon links and monitors their product availability.

Partnering with AMZ Watcher as an affiliate opens up a world of opportunities for you to earn consistently. Here’s why you’ll love being an AMZ Watcher partner.


High Earning Potential: You’ll receive a 20% commission every month that your referred customers stay with us. So, for example, if you refer ten customers who each pay $99 per month, you’ll be earning $198 every month!

Boost your own customers’ satisfaction: AMZ Watcher isn’t just a tool; it’s a solution to recover lost affiliate revenue. By introducing your audience to AMZ Watcher, you help them increase their earnings, and in turn, they reward you with trust and loyalty.

Ongoing affiliate support: as an AMZ Watcher affiliate, you’ll receive dedicated assistance every step of the way, with answers, resources, and support for all your needs.

Joining the AMZ Watcher Affiliate Program is straightforward. Upon sign-up, you’ll receive a unique URL to share with your network. When users sign up for AMZ Watcher through your URL and maintain a paid account for 30 days, your commissions start rolling in.

However, it’s essential to be aware of a few rules:

  • Payouts start 30 days after the referred customer transitions from a trial to a paid account.
  • Self-referrals are not permitted
  • The minimum payout amount is $25.

The SE Ranking Affiliate Program

If you work in SEO, you are probably well familiar with SE Ranking—a comprehensive agency-tailored SEO platform. Their current affiliate program is quite generous.


High Commissions: Affiliates enjoy a 30% lifetime commission from every subscription sale, providing a reliable source of income.

Easy Access: Joining the program is quick and straightforward. Whether you have an existing SE Ranking account or are new to the platform, becoming an affiliate is hassle-free.

120 days of Cookie Lifespan: along with Semrush, this is the longest lifespan on our list at the moment!

Bi-weekly payouts: once you’ve reached a minimum balance of $50.

No limits on earnings

Transparent Tracking: Affiliates gain access to real-time statistics, tracking earnings, registrations, unique visitors, and marketing materials in their personal affiliate area.

The SE Ranking Affiliate Program offers a valuable income opportunity with its recurring commissions and easy promotion methods. However, as in every case, you should be mindful of the program’s terms and conditions and advertising restrictions to ensure compliance.

The SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program

The SEO PowerSuite is a software that comprises features for keyword exploration, backlink evaluation, rank monitoring, and website auditing. With over 500,000 users worldwide, it is favored by over a third of SEO experts globally. Their current affiliate program looks equally impressive:


33% commission rate, $133 per sale on average (renewals included).Monthly income potential of $3,000-$4,000.

Cookie lifetime of up to 120 days which equals the SE Ranking offer.Access to unique, ready-to-use, and high-converting marketing materials.

Detailed instructions on how to set up an affiliate accountReliable sales tracking and reportingTimely payments

Enthusiastic reviews from existing affiliatesAffiliate links for localized foreign websites (DE, ES, NL, FR, RU) available

The only thing that seems a little discouraging about the SE Ranking affiliate offer is the rather tedious registration process, which requires you to get an Avangate affiliate network account. For this purpose, you will have to fill out a special registration form and wait up to 48 hours for approval.

The AccuRanker Affiliate Program

Considered one of the fastest keyword rank tracking solutions globally, AccuRanker is a tool trusted by numerous agencies and renowned brands worldwide. It offers a range of features and functionalities to assist users in optimizing their online presence, analyzing competitors, and improving their SEO strategies.

The AccuRanker affiliate program is designed for content publishers, influencers, digital marketing agencies, SEO experts, and PPC specialists. Becoming their brand ambassador can bring you a considerable and steady passive income.


$12 earnings every time your contact signs up for a free trial

$220 earnings for every paid plan purchase

120-day cookie lifespan

A possibility to monetize on AccuRanker prestige in the industry

A 14-day free trial period to use AccuRanker before recommending it to othersAffiliate accounts available in 40+ language options

When signing up to become an AccuRanker affiliate, please remember that the free trial on their software is not available in certain Asian and African countries. The partner program is powered by impact.com and it takes around 5 minutes to complete the registration.


As you can see, there are plenty of SEO affiliate programs to pick from in 2023. Finding the perfect fit for you is a breeze. All of these programs are like treasure chests of earning potential, so you’re in for a fantastic opportunity to boost your income. The best part? You can choose the one that feels just right for you, making it an exciting journey to supercharge your earnings and develop your business!

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