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The number of calls received by the company at some time during operations can be very high. Then you are looking for a solution that will make the client no longer get to the busy number and will not needlessly wait for switching or redirection to other departments. Setting up the right call forwarding strategy is critical to optimizing your sales or customer service processes. This solution exists and is called IVR, which both helps callers and reduces the burden on hotline consultants.

What is IVR

The IVR abbreviation comes from the English term “interactive voice response“.

IVR is a system in which the caller listens to previously recorded messages, and then uses the phone to select the appropriate item from the menu.

How does IVR work? Very simply. You provide customers with one contact number for your company. Customers calling this number will first receive a polite greeting. Then they will learn what options they have to choose, i.e. what tone number they should choose to call a specific department, person or e.g. voicemail. Finally, they press the appropriate number on their phone and start the conversation.

IVR is usually a part of a cloud PBX system.

Why it is worth implementing IVR

IVR very often positively affects the very perception of the company by callers who commonly recognize such solutions as more modern, innovative and demonstrating the company’s concern for the good of the customer. Below you can find reasons why you should implement IVR system in your company.

Increase customer loyalty

The modern customer requires personalization and does not like to be treated like a face from the crowd. Even such a simple procedure as choosing the case in which he calls will increase his satisfaction. By using the more sophisticated (but still very simple) IVR functions, such as identification by number or individual PIN number, you will welcome regular customers by name, which will definitely appeal to them and help them increase their loyalty. In addition, thanks to this option, you can distinguish among the best customers who are the most valuable for the company. When the IVR service recognizes them, it immediately switches them to a dedicated group of consultants – no queues, no unnecessary waiting.

Improve customer service

Diversion from IVR is also an ideal way to speed up service – the customer will choose which department he wants to talk to and will be immediately redirected there. Without calling “the switchboard”, explaining what’s going on and waiting for the switch. This may positively affect customer feedback.

Lower costs for the company

Consumers like and expect self-service, even via using phone numbers. By tracking statistics from telephone conversations and analyzing what matters they call you most often, you can handle some of them automatically. You can opt-out of recruiting additional agents for customer service and thanks to IVR automate – and speed up – service. In this way, callers will get the information they need from the IVR service, without having to talk to your consultants. This means you won’t have to hire new people, so you won’t have to multiply costs.

24/7 availability

The IVR service is available all the time. When the customer calls outside of your hotline’s business hours, he will immediately hear the relevant information – which can be personalized based on the identification of the number. Thanks to this, they won’t be left alone. You can also offer them a message to voicemail and promise contact as soon as your people return to work, or provide an “emergency” contact number (if this applies to your industry or corresponds to the nature of the services you offer).

Where is the IVR system most often used

The IVR system is widely used in activities where it is necessary to support a large number of callers interested. Thanks to this, it is possible to reduce the number of people for personal service, which significantly speeds up the performance of work, its efficiency and increases the convenience of the potential customers themselves, who in many cases can immediately get specific information.

Most often, IVR systems are used in telephone banking, telemarketing, and card services. IVR is very often used when a given business wants to extend the time of customer service to 24 hours a day.


If the client needs more accurate information or is not satisfied with the mechanism, he is automatically directed to a specific person who will be able to personally answer the given questions. In the case of using IVR or an intuitive call center tool at a call center, it is possible to identify callers and divide them according to the subject of the conversation. This makes it possible to tailor the service that will be able to provide information on specific questions.

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