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How to increase organic traffic by 50% in 5 months? – Link Planner case study on the example of








Link acquisition is one of the most important elements of SEO strategy. External links are a vital influencing factor that affects the positioning of a website in search results. Therefore, link acquisition is extremely important for online services that want to have greater organic visibility in Google searches.

So – what is Link Building? 

It’s really exactly how it sounds! Link building is the process of obtaining links leading to your website. Good links come from high-quality, authoritative sources, which can help increase your site’s visibility in search results. However, acquiring links is not easy and requires time and effort.

This article presents a link-building case study, which shows how the client – ELUS – acquired links, and how these links affected the visibility of their site in search results. The strategies and tactics used to obtain these links and the results achieved are shown in detail.

Campaign Details

GOAL: Increase organic SEO traffic
Costs: 5133 PLN netto
Number of backlink: 33
Campaign dates: 29.12.2022, 02.02.2023, 07.04.2023, 12.05.2023link.

+75% – visibility increase
+50% – click increase
*Presented data in a 3-week view.

On-Site at during the link building campaign

The index status on the site is stable. A new article has been added.


However – Core Web Vitals still does not meet requirements on mobile devices. 


This must be promptly addressed, as a lack of Core Web Vitals optimization can cause a negative assessment of the site. This leads to slower site indexing or poorer ranking in search results. To improve ranking results and speed up site indexing, Core Web Vitals need to be properly optimized.

What changes have occurred in the site's traffic?

After four link-building campaigns, you can see how the value of organic traffic on the elus.pls site has seen an increase from 800 dollars all the way to 1200 dollars. This is shown by the red arrow in the chart below. A good link-building strategy is the best way to ensure this upwards trend continues!

Total site traffic with marked campaign dates

At the start of the client’s first link-building campaign, their clicks were at a level of 98. After the fourth and final campaign (going by the latest date with full data), this number had increased to 144 clicks! During the entirety of the campaign, the number of clicks followed an upwards trajectory – this will only continue as the client successfully keeps up their strategy of link acquisition. 

The clicks in this chart relate to all subpages on the site.

The effects are plain to see – comparison of traffic on the website

In order to more effectively demonstrate the success of the client’s link-building campaigns, let’s take a look at a comparison of organic traffic exclusively for their URLs that already existed at the time when the campaign was launched.

Comparison of the last 28 days of traffic with the period before the first campaign

As the graph above and table below show, the client’s URLs saw an increase from 1970 clicks during the four full weeks before the link-building campaign, up to 2950 clicks during the four final weeks. Thanks to the rise in the page’s positions, the number of impressions grew, and the CTR (click-through rate) increased from 1.3% to 1.7%, meaning the number of people who clicked after seeing the link went up.

Increases in positions can be found in the “Position differences” column.

As we mentioned earlier, due to the rise in positions from outside the top 10 results to within the top 10 results, the number of impressions received a substantial boost! The main reason for this is quite straighforward – the vast majority of google users simply never visit the second page of search results.

On the chart below, the difference in the number of phrase displays is marked with the red box. This increase in impressions is the direct result of them being promoted to within the top 10 search results.

URL linking

Hurtownia elektryczna Bydgoszcz (Electrical wholesaler Bydgoszcz)

The phrase “prefabrykacja rozdzielnic elektrycznych” was linked at the beginning of April when the site was at the 10th position for that phrase. Now, it’s in 3rd position!

Once again, according to Ahrefs, the average traffic has more than doubled – and this page was only added to the site in March.

Projekty elektryczne (Electrical projects)

This particular URL is presented based on impressions, as before the linking campaign, it had no visibility. Only after the linking campaign did it achieve substantial visibility.

On the chart below, you can see some examples of growing positions, marked with the red box.

Here is a similar chart, this time from Ahrefs, demonstrating the change in positions of numerous phrases.

Details of the link building campaign

29.12.2022 – 1370 PLN net
02.02.2023 – 600 PLN net
07.04.2023 – 2060 PLN net
12.05.2023 – 1100 PLN net

Number of links obtained: 33

Total time to prepare both campaigns: 12 minutes

The tool used during the campaign: Link Planner

The Senuto chart above marks the dates of the Link Building campaigns. As shown in the chart, over the course of the campaigns the visibility of key phrases increased from 1100 to almost 2000 – that’s around an 82% increase!

Data on direct sales through the website was not provided.

Link Planner Assistance

URLs and portals for linking were selected in Link Planner within a few seconds. The tool takes into account more factors and utilizes a larger number of tools than an SEO specialist (based on the Link Building in Poland 2022 survey).

Speed up your work time while increasing the quality of your linkbuilding campaign, try Link Planner!


If you’re interested in increasing your website’s visibility in Google search results, you need to ensure you’re engaging in effective link-building with a good strategy for link acquisition. Though it’s a process that requires investing both time and effort, the positive SEO results that come from acquiring links from authoritative sources cannot be understated! As such, the process is always worth undertaking.

The case study we presented in this article clearly demonstrated how after acquiring 33 high-quality links for a net cost of 5130 PLN, the client witnessed a 50% increase in their website’s organic traffic. This is a very impressive result, and anyone trying to decide whether or not to invest in link-building should take it into account.

If you’re looking to invest in link-building but are unfamiliar with the process, you can either write us a brief or use our ready-to-use Link Planner tool. This tool will analyse your website’s potential and advise you on where to acquire authoritative links, within a budget of your choice. These suggestions will aim to achieve the most efficient results possible from the acquired links!

Read another case study using Link Planner and Register for free!


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