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Realisation of order and withdrawal funds



Choose the PUBLISHER, then the ORDERS to see the history of all orders. 

Choose the DETAILS OF ORDER button to see detailed guidelines (texts, photos, graphics, information about backlinks etc.)

Now you can publish an order, ask an advertiser for a correction (if current conditions do not allow you to publish an article, but after a correction publication will be possible) or reject the publication (for example if the subject matter is not acceptable for you).

Click Ask for a corretion to report the correction to your client.
Click Reject the publication if you don’t want to publish this order.

ATTENTION! The order will be considered executed only when you add a link to the publication to the panel.
You need to paste the direct link to the publication in the box below.

If your offer includes additional linking, read our instruction here.

Payments for the revised order are made after 3 working days. If the correction is not approved then the payment is also stopped and comes after approval.


To withdraw funds choose from the menu option the FINANCES button and then click on the WALLET.

On the left side in the upper part of the screen, you can see a cumulative state of your account; on the right side you can see money that you have earned by selling publications on your website. You can withdraw funds that you have earned. To do so, please click the WITHDRAW FUNDS button.

The next step is to give the sum that you would like to pay out. It can be a certain amount of money or a total. Due to security standards, you will have to input your bank account number. Personal data or company data based on settings of your account will be filled automatically.

The transaction number is a confirmation of the transfer from PayPal

The order to withdraw funds (after confirmation) will appear on a list of operations below your balance.

Click on the button sending a bill/an invoice to send a document that we should pay for. Bank transfer will be sent within 3 workdays. In case of rejection of cash withdrawal request (e.g. because of mistakes in the invoice or lack of funds), you will get information about the rejection and its reasons within 2 workdays. The money will go back into your balance on the Linkhouse platform.

Remember that the invoice must be added by the company, and the bill by an individual. All bills are automatically generated by the system – you just need to download and re-upload them to the panel. 

The invoice must contain the full data of the buyer and recipient.

Your details must include:
– Name, Surname or Company Name
– Full address: street, zip code, city
– TAX ID, if you have one (company)

Our data:
Name: Grupa KBR Chlewiński i Kozłowski S.K.A.
Address: Warszawska 40/2A 40-008 Katowice POLAND
TAX ID: PL6342871729

If you are a Publisher based outside Poland, read the instructions of the Tax requirements here.