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Acquiring links is a vital part of any good SEO strategy. External links are one of the most important factors that influence how highly a website ranks in search engine results. As such, link building is extremely important for anyone looking to increase their website’s organic visibility on Google.

Link building is basically exactly what it sounds like – the process of acquiring numerous external links that lead to your website. Good links come from high-quality, authoritative sources, which can help increase the visibility of your site in search results. However, link building is not easy and requires time and effort.

One of Linkhouse’s clients, the owner of the site, decided to undertake link building activities. To facilitate the task, they used Link Planner, an AI backlink builder automating the entire process. In this article, we will show how the client acquired links and how these links affected the visibility of their site in search results. In conclusion, we will summarize the results that they managed to achieve thanks to the link building campaign.

Campaign in a nutshell is a product ranking site. Testers working for the service compare and review household appliances, toys, home furnishings, and a range of other everyday items. In addition to a user-friendly site and helpful articles, the owner of the service decided to launch a link building campaign to increase the site’s visibility in Google in a highly competitive environment.

Objective: Increase organic SEO traffic

Cost: 3,900 PLN net

Number of purchased links: 27

Campaign dates: 22.01.2023 oraz 03.05.2023


+620% – increase in impressions

+720% – increase in clicks

*Data presented over a 3-week period.

Automating link building, aka Link Planner

To simplify the complicated process of finding and acquiring backlinks from authoritative portals, the client used Link Planner. Link Planner is a modern, AI-based link building tool that helps to prepare and execute campaigns. It allows for time and resources saving by preparing a link building campaign in less than a minute, regardless of the user’s experience.

The tool leads the users through adding the guidelines for the campaign, provides suggestions for subpages and keywords, and then lists the best matching placements for backlinks to the user’s site. This allows for quick and easy link purchasing.

Learn more about Link Planner here.

AI at the service of link building – Linkhouse plugin for ChatGPT

In July 2023, the innovative Linkhouse plugin for ChatGPT was launched. The plugin serves as a specialized assistant in the link building process. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze and acquire backlinks tailored to the user’s specific domain and budget.

With the Linkhouse plugin, the user can plan professional link building campaigns in a matter of minutes, utilizing the knowledge and experience that powers the Link Planner tool – the source of the Linkhouse plugin.

Linkhouse offers automation of time-consuming processes, customization to individual requirements and needs of the user, as well as simplicity and accessibility. Thanks to the plugin, the user has access to a verified database of links along with their statistics, domain analysis and selection of appropriate subpages, as well as the possibility of buying links ‘off the shelf’. 

Discover the Linkhouse plugin here.

On-Site Actions on during the link building campaign.

The service experienced issues with indexing /feed/ type pages. Additionally, two articles were added during the campaign period. At this moment, the index status is correct.

The service also had a problem with Core Web Vitals parameters, which were corrected in May, and after subsequent failures – then again in June.

How did traffic change over the course of the campaign?

Traffic on the service has been steadily increasing since the start of the campaign. Views are increasing due to the rise in the number of phrases in the TOP10 (most views for any keyword phrase). The industry has really strong competition, as large services such as mediaexpert, prorankingi, ceneo, and are vying for phrases related to rankings or products.

Below is the estimated traffic according to the Semrush tool, which calculates it based on the probability of clicking the visible phrases in the TOP10. Even though the tool estimates just under 100 entries in June, in reality there were 280 clicks up to June 22.

The chart below (Semrush) shows the increase in the number of keywords for which the service is visible. A steady increase in the visibility of the service is noticeable.

As you can see in all three of the above charts, traffic received a large increase thanks to the link building campaign. The campaign ran from late January to early May, and the charts clearly show how, in this time period, total clicks and impressions, estimated traffic, and organic keywords all trended upwards. These figures continued to rise into June, showing how a successful campaign affects traffic even when it’s over!

How did the change in traffic affect Google search positions?

Here, we will present a comparison of traffic solely for the URLs that already existed when the link building campaign began, to provide a better illustration of the campaign’s impact on traffic. Due to this constraint, our analysis excludes newly added blog articles from September 2022 onwards to avoid distorting the results of the link building campaign.

Comparison of traffic for the last 21 days with the period before the first campaign.

As shown in the graph above and table below, organic traffic increased from 27 clicks during the three-week period before the campaign, to 280 clicks during the latest three weeks, representing an astonishing growth of 720%. 

The click-through rate (CTR) of the URLs rose from 1.9% to 2.7%, and the average search engine results position increased by over 5.4 places! This proves how, with a successful link building campaign, any page can improve their position in search results, receiving more traffic, and increasing their CTR.

What were the changes in traffic and keyword trends for the site’s URLs?

Najlepsza suszarka do włosów (Best hair dryer)


The organic traffic and organic keywords trend for the “Najlepsza suszarka do włosów” (best hair dryer) page both greatly increased over the course of the link building campaign.

Najlepsza pralka do 1500 zł (The best washing machine under 1500 PLN)


There was also a large increase in organic traffic and keywords trends for the “Najlepsza pralka do 1500 zł” (best washing machine under 1500 PLN) page due to the success of the link-building campaign. The culmination of keyword growth took place in April. Since then, the subpage about the best washing machines for 1500 PLN has maintained its positions. Initially visible for 15 keywords, it is now visible for almost 80 keywords.

Najlepsza lodówka wolnostojąca 2023 (The best freestanding refrigerator in 2023)


Finally, as a result of the link building campaign, the page for “Najlepsza lodówka wolnostojąca 2023” (best freestanding refrigerator in 2023) also witnessed an increase in the organic traffic and keywords trends.

How much did visibility increase during the campaign?

22.01.2023 – 1650 PLN net

03.05.2023 – 2250 PLN net

Number of acquired links: 27

Example links:

Total preparation time for both campaigns: 4 minutes

Tool used during the campaign: Link Planner

The dates of the Link Building campaigns are marked on the chart above. At the beginning of the campaign, this website was not visible in search engine results at all. As of right now (according to Semrush), the website’s estimated monthly organic traffic is sitting at 85.

At the beginning of the first campaign, this website was only visible for 40 keywords. Currently, Semrush tells us that the website is visible for 341 keywords – a huge increase!

As you can see in the chart above, clicks from search engine results have increased from a very small number to over 20 per day. Considering the competitiveness of the keywords and the short existence of the website, this is a significant achievement!

How our Link Planner assisted the client

As mentioned at the outset, the client used the Link Planner tool to plan and execute the link building campaign. It provided automated assistance during the selection of URLs within the client’s domain with growth potential, and prepared a list of portals for publication.

In addition, Link Planner provided guidelines to the copywriters provided by Linkhouse, who delivered quality, ready-to-publish texts that were approved by the client.

In the final stage of the campaign, we verified whether the publications ordered by Link Planner had been realized by the publishers in accordance with the client’s order.

During the campaign, the client did not carry out any other link building actions – everything was taken care of by Link Planner and the publication system in Linkhouse.

Addendum – Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool for monitoring website visibility in Google. One of its functions is to display external links. Hence, many users ask – when will I see links acquired using Linkhouse in Google Search Console? How many of them will be visible?

For the 27 links acquired in the current campaign – 23 links are visible in Google Search Console. Google does not provide us with 100% data when it comes to our external links, so we will never find all links in the Google Search Console panel.

More comprehensive monitoring of external links is provided by specialist tools such as Ahrefs.

There are actually a total of 30 links shown above, but 7 of them were not acquired through the Linkhouse platform.


This case study shows that the most important factors that contribute to the success of a link building campaign are the absence of major technical errors, and the proper targeting of keywords to the relevant landing pages. 

These factors help ensure that a website is not vulnerable to Google updates because it is built according to best practices. In such cases, both internal and external links positively impact the visibility of keywords as well as the visibility of the domain as a whole!

As we mentioned earlier, clicks to the client’s website from search engine results have increased from just a few to over 20 clicks per day. When you take the competitiveness of the keywords and the short existence of the website into account, this is indeed a very impressive achievement!

In competitive industries, it is virtually impossible to build visibility without link building. Moreover, in highly competitive industries, it is absolutely necessary to purchase more links, while in low-competition scenarios, it is always beneficial to leverage link building.

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