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Automatic link-building tools are essential for SEO specialists, streamlining the process and enabling more efficient, data-driven strategies, ultimately saving time and improving results. These tools empower both professionals and amateurs to focus on strategic aspects of their campaigns, while the automation handles repetitive tasks, which results in higher website rankings and better visibility.

What is Link Planner?

Looking to upgrade your link-building game? Link Planner by Linkhouse is one of the most advanced automated tools based on AI technology you can find these days. With its user-friendly interface and a variety of functionalities, it can save you and your team a lot of headaches figuring out the best link-building strategies.


Navigating the clean and simple Link Planner interface is very intuitive with your campaigns, offers, and credits easy to access.

What modes does Link Planner have?

When creating a new campaign you can choose one of the 5 available modes, depending on your experience and your spending plan:

  • Increasing the visibility of a single domain: the most basic option suitable for a limited budget;
  • Increasing the visibility based on competitors: it allows for a basic campaign with no previous experience required;
  • Increasing the visibility of specific URLs: an intermediate option suitable for those with a certain level of experience in link building;
  • Increasing the visibility of specific keywords and URLs: an intermediate-advanced option that requires extensive experience in link building and a higher budget;
  • Increasing the visibility based on Google Search Console: the newest mode that allows for easy monitoring of organic results, website traffic data analysis, and the identification of keywords that bring the most benefits.

How to design a link-building campaign with Link Planner?

Whether you are a novice with zero experience or an SEO seasoned expert, devising a link-planning campaign and increasing your visibility has never been easier.

You can get it done in just a few easy steps:

  1. Provide your domain, URLs, and/ or keywords (depending on the mode you’ve selected for your campaign)
  2. Choose the language (9 language options available)
  3. Select a domain category from the list of available industries and areas of interest
  4. Assign the budget you have planned for this campaign


  1. Click “Go to offer” and in a matter of seconds, Link Planner will generate a verified list of high-potential campaign links, excluding the existing ones. Then, it will present a proposal comprising the best websites, their respective subpages, and associated keywords.


  1. Depending on your preference and budget, either add the entire list to your cart or select the links you are interested in.
  2. Place your order by clicking the “Preview Order” button.
AI-powered Link Score

To select the best links within the specified budget, Link Planner uses a proprietary AI system called “Link Score”. It considers over 30 on-site and off-site variables of websites in the Linkhouse database, merging insights from leading industry tools, and incorporating unique data derived from other users’ success. A result of this search is a list of the top 100 sites that are most worth purchasing links from.

Can I adjust the Link Planner offer even more?

Definitely. Apart from the Link Score, the selection of suggested links can also be narrowed down by adjusting the advanced settings for the site and offer parameters:


The first one allows you to sieve the list of suggested websites based on such site parameters as traffic, domain rating, trust flow, authority score, citation flow, domain authority, spam score, page authority, etc.

When setting your offer parameters you can choose to include, for instance: only guest posts from domains with extensions, only follow links, only permanent guest posts, and others.

Is Link Planner expensive?

Compared to other tools, Link Planner offers reasonable prices that vary depending on how advanced you want your campaign to be. In other words, it can be afforded by specialized agencies, freelance professionals, and even amateurs with a reduced budget.

Link Planner offers different pricing, depending on factors such as the popularity and quality of the websites you wish to collaborate with. Each domain has its own price for adding content with a backlink.

Not sure what sort of campaign would be the most suitable for your needs and goals? Fill in a brief form with your contact information, website address, and category, pick a budget range and the campaign type (one-off or recurrent) and Linkhouse specialists will come back to you with a tailored offer.


Take note, as this is good to know. Upon registration, you will be given 2 free credits that can be used to test the tool. For each 220 USD that you invest in your campaigns on Link Planner, you will be able to earn 1 extra credit.

Credits can also be purchased at a price of 22 $ per piece. Orders with lower amounts count as a proportional fraction of a credit.

To see the expenditure progress and the amount needed to receive the next credit go to the “Your Credits” section of the platform.


Link Planner bills its users once a month. In case of recurrent campaigns you can set the day of the month you want to receive your bill. The payment will be taken from the balance automatically on the day of the offer execution, so make sure to have sufficient funds in your balance.

Did you know…?

The articles to be included in the campaign can be provided by the clients themselves or entrusted to the Linkhouse specialists. The prices depend on the article’s length.

Advantages of using Link Planner

In a digital landscape where manual website searches can be tedious, Link Planner offers a revolutionary solution that allows you to obtain a ready-made campaign plan within less than 60 seconds. Yet, time savings are not the only benefit this tool has to offer. It also allows you to:

  • design a professional link-building campaign independently on your level of experience and SEO knowledge,
  • optimize your budget distribution, with fair and transparent prices available for your review right from the start,
  • tailor the obtained links to individual needs and parameters,
  • analyze domain usefulness for increasing visibility,
  • enable recurring campaigns with a single click,
  • save your previous search criteria to allow for easier and faster setting of future campaigns,
  • stay on top of your competitors,
  • monitor your results with a weekly campaign update.
Did you know…?

Link Planner uses a Linkhouse plugin, compatible with ChatGPT-4 from OpenAI, and it can be used through a chat conversation with AI.

What do users think about Link Planner?

Link Planner typically receives highly positive reviews. Users particularly value its ease of use and intuitive interface, which enables convenient link and backlink management.

Clients also appreciate the extensive feature set, encompassing link procurement, performance tracking, integration with various SEO tools, and access to a valuable website database. What’s also valued is the transparent pricing and the professional support offered by the customer service team.

“Reliable, effective, and reasonably priced” – Alton Golvid, CEO of “Easy access to the offerings of publishers, often at attractive prices” – Szymon Slowik from “Significant value and a competitive advantage (…) through the use of technology and data” – Damian Salkowski, SenutoStrong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction – Krzysztof Marzec, DevaGroup


Automated link-building tools offer a clear advantage over manual backlink searches. Why should Link Planner be your choice? The reasons are many: it’s versatile, comprehensive, and easy to use. Its proprietary functionalities and the use of the most recent technological developments make it stand out from the competitors and deliver outstanding results.

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Stop hesitating, streamline link building, and optimize your campaigns with Link Planner now.

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