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What link building strategies, techniques, and methods will be effective in 2024? Using link marketplaces, outreach, finding broken links, analyzing your competitors backlinks, and guest posting are still bound to be some of the best ways to approach link building this year. In this article, we’re going to look more deeply into all these strategies and show you how to put them into life effectively. We invite you to read on!

Link Building Strategies and Techniques That You Should Focus on in 2024

We could list 50, 100, or even 150 link building techniques…but what’s the point if you won’t ever have the time or resources to implement all of them, and if many of them aren’t as effective as the others? Thus, let’s focus on those that are most time/cost-effective, simply the best link building strategies. What are they?

link building strategies

1. Use Link Marketplaces and Link Builders

If you want to get links quickly and effortlessly while maintaining a wide range of choices between websites, you need to conduct A LOT of research and spend time negotiating with the vendors, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be so.

A link building marketplace, like the one offered by us at Linkhouse, is the alternative you need. In simple terms, it is a massive database with thousands of websites from which you can acquire links with just a few clicks.

How does it work? You open the marketplace, select your filters, and get an extensive list of websites from which you can purchase links. This list contains all the information you need – from website parameters, like the DR and traffic, to additional information that you can get by integrating your other SEO tools.

Why is using link marketplaces among the most effective link building strategies? Because it’s efficient. You can purchase tens of links in a matter of minutes, quickly building your backlink framework.

2. SEO Competitor Analysis

You should always analyze your competitors, especially when it comes to link building. After all, this is an easy way to learn what pages on the internet you could target and acquire your links from. 

How to conduct competitor analysis? Many SEO tools offer you the option to juxtapose your backlinks against the ones of your competitors, so it’s an excellent way to do it. However, we want to offer you something even better – our backlink gap module. 

With it, you won’t only see what sites you need to acquire links from, but you will also be able to do it immediately – if those sites are in our database, you’ll get an offer to purchase links from them. This way, you can cover the gap pretty quickly and acquire some extra links that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

3. Guest Posting

Guest posting is (and will continue to be) one of the most effective but sometimes challenging link building techniques. It’s pretty simple: you write an expert post optimized for a certain keyword, make one of the KWs an anchor to your site, and post it on a different website. How can you approach it, and what are the best practices if you want to build links through guest blogging?

Finding Websites Accepting Guest Posts

First of all, you’ll need to find pages that accept guest posts. For that, we recommend typing your topic into Google and adding <“intitle:”write for us”> into the search engine. This way, you’ll quickly find domains that accept guest posts. However, since such websites are easily available, it is possible that numerous businesses (including your competitors) have already acquired links from them, so getting your own backlink won’t make you stand out. That’s why it’s worth using other strategies as well.

Reaching out to Websites That You Want to Guest Post at

Another option is to reach out to valuable websites from your field. After all, even if they don’t clearly state that they accept guest posts, they likely do. This way, you’ll obtain backlinks from websites that aren’t as popular and might have higher topical authority, domain rating, or traffic, which is definitely a plus when it comes to links.

Purchasing Guest Posts

You may also buy guest posting – purchase the whole service, from finding the site that will publish your post to writing it. This is a much quicker way to get quality guest posts, so it’s definitely an option to consider.

How does it work? At Linkhouse, we give you two options: you can focus on the traffic or domain rating. Then, you can select the exact parameters of your order:

  • number of posts,
  • post length (in words),
  • target website parameter (DR/Traffic, depending on the option you chose).

It’s a much better option, especially if you’re running out of ideas or find it hard negotiating with website owners, so we strongly recommend it!

4. Plan Your Strategy with AI

We’re in 2024, so it’s time to embrace artificial intelligence when creating your link building strategies! For that, you can, for instance, try out our experimental link building tool – Link Planner, which utilizes AI to propose the best links based on the details that you feed it with.

You can also get our ChatGPT plugin and try creating your own campaigns based on the data taken from our link building platform, but also other tools, like Ahrefs or Semrush. This way, you can turn hours of work into minutes and let AI take the steering wheel of your campaigns.

Is it wise to trust AI fully? Not yet, but you cannot avoid using it in your campaigns in 2024 – it’s just too helpful. So, while you still need to control the whats and hows of your strategies, let AI guide you and help you acquire more links efficiently.

5. Broken Link Building Combined with Outreach

Apart from the above, you should also pay attention to broken links – ones that lead to sites that no longer exist. We know it’s easier said than done, but it’s extremely effective in terms of acquiring exceptional-quality links, so it’s good to introduce broken link building into your strategy.

How do you find broken links? The best way is to utilize, e.g., Ahrefs. In this tool, you can access the site explorer, enter your competitor’s domain, select best by links, add a “404 not found” filter, and check what pages don’t exist and have domains linking to them. 

Now, you just need a bit of outreach. Contact the owners of the sites that were linking to your competitor’s non-existent pages and offer them relevant content to link to instead. This way, you’ll be in line with Google’s guidelines and acquire links with little effort.

6. Create Linkable New Content That’s Easy to Link

All of the above were link building strategies that required you to actively search for new link opportunities. But what if we told you there’s a great strategy that lets you acquire links naturally, with little effort?

Every article on link building strategies mentions creating high-quality content. But rarely do these texts tell you to create linkable new content, nor explain the difference between these two. So, what is linkable content?

It can be anything – from your product, through large blog articles, to graphics – that other users are likely to link. Take, for instance, Statista – the most popular portal with statistics shown in the form of graphs. Graphs that you often see in other blogs and websites. Their content is extremely linkable, as it’s natural that you want to show the source when referring to the statistics. Therefore, this domain doesn’t really have to acquire too many links – each graph generates them on its own, as users want to link them.

In more down-to-earth situations, where you don’t collect the most important business statistics from all over the world, it’s still possible to create such linkable content – for instance, in the form of your products. Take a look at our website – if someone mentions our topical backlinks tool, they will often link it as we did because it feels natural and enables the author, who uses our platform, to present our tool in more detail without describing it. So, all you have to do is create content, products, graphics, charts – anything that other professionals in your industry will use in practice, and wait for them to link it in their texts.

What if they don’t? You can always reach out to those mentioning your linkable content without linking it and ask them to add a link – it won’t hurt you, but it might generate a couple of extra backlinks that’ll strengthen your website’s ranking in the search engines!

7. Link Reclamation Method

The best way to get more clients is to prevent the ones you have from churning. And the most effective of backlink building methods is to save the backlinks you’re losing.

Unfortunately, you lose backlinks most of the time, either due to the pages getting deleted or the content on them being updated, with your links getting removed in the process. While you can’t do anything if someone made up their mind, sometimes this happens by accident. 

Thus, it’s worth reaching out to owners of those websites/authors of the content where you lost your links – if, for instance, someone deleted your link by mistake, you might point it out, and they’ll put it back, helping you prevent your site from losing a valuable backlink.

The Takeaway

No matter whether you’re looking for an effective link building strategy for your e-commerce, or you’re a freelance SEO specialist trying to improve your backlink building methods, with the techniques shown above, you are bound to get more links in a shorter period of time. Utilize marketplaces, analyze the backlink gap between your site and the competitors, get guest posts, work with AI, find broken links, create great content that is naturally linkable, and reclaim deleted links – these are the most effective tactics for 2024!


What are the best practices for using infographics in content marketing to get links back to my ecommerce site?

To effectively use infographics for getting links back to your site, ensure the infographic is highly informative and visually appealing. Share it widely across relevant platforms and directly with influencers in your niche. If the content is valuable, site owners might link to your page as a useful resource for their audience.

How can guest blogging be leveraged as an easy link-building strategy for enhancing my ecommerce site’s ranking on search engines?

Guest blogging is a powerful way to build backlinks. Focus on creating high-quality content relevant to the host site and subtly link to your site within the piece. Reach out to site owners in your niche with a proposal for a valuable piece of content they’ll usually link back to your website as a reference.

Can HARO (Help a Reporter Out) be used as an effective link-building tool to improve my site’s search engine ranking?

Yes, HARO can be an effective tool for SEO link building. By providing expert responses to queries related to your niche, you get an opportunity to get your content and expert advice featured in articles, where journalists will link back to your site, enhancing your backlink profile.

What are some easy link-building tips for finding broken link opportunities on authoritative sites in my niche?

To find broken link opportunities, use SEO tools to scan authoritative sites in your niche for dead link. Reach out to the site owner with a relevant piece of content from your site that could replace the broken link. Explain the value your content adds, and ask them to link to your content instead.

What are your favorite link-building strategies for an ecommerce site to build powerful, passive links?

One of the best strategies is creating comprehensive, evergreen content that serves as a go-to guide in your niche. Another strategy is engaging in community-based activity relevant to your ecommerce offering, where your participation adds value and naturally encourages others to link to your site.

Among your favorite link building strategies, what do you consider the best way to secure an easy link to your website?

The best and most straightforward strategy I recommend is purchasing links through a reputable platform like Linkhouse. This approach ensures you get a link back to your website without the extensive outreach and content creation efforts typically involved in link building. It allows for targeting relevant links within your niche, making your link building campaign more efficient. While buying links can be effective, it’s crucial to focus on quality and relevance to ensure the links contribute positively to your SEO and marketing goals.

Can you provide some link building tips for beginners looking to secure their first live link through best link building practices?

Start by creating compelling content that addresses the needs or interests of your target audience. Then, reach out to related websites and suggest a piece of your content as a resource that adds value to their site. Remember, link building isn’t about the quantity of links but the quality. Even one link from a respected site in your niche can be significant. Always aim for relevant links that enhance the user experience, and don’t be discouraged if they don’t link back immediately—building relationships is key in a successful link building campaign.

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