Key Outtakes from Promees Growing Its Organic Traffic with Backlinks: a Case Study








Linkhouse has recently launched the innovative link building tool called Link Planner.

Link Planner was designed to:

  • Plan link building campaigns without vast SEO  experience,
  • Save time  on searching links,
  • Not only purchase links but also suggest their placement,
  • Reduce the cost of tools needed to get backlinks.

Here at Linkhouse, we’ve run several link building campaigns using the tool, and we’ve shared the results on our blog. The campaign below was conducted by our client. Having provided the tool only with the campaign goal, domain address and assumed budget, Link Planner automatically found the best placements for them and designed the whole link building campaign.

Campaign details

The goal: The client’s campaign was meant to increase traffic and sales to Promees is a premium Polish lingerie brand with an established position on the market.

Ranking groups: In order to achieve this effect, it is worth considering three ranking groups: 

  • external links, 
  • tech SEO
  • content. 

For the following campaign, the changes were made only to external links. This is where Link Planner comes in handy.

Using Link Planner the client acquired 33 do-follow backlinks spending less than 2000 USD.

Costs: a total of 1864,29$ (divided into 3 periods)
Number of purchased backlinks: 33
Campaign start date: October 3rd 2022

URLs that Link Planner provided backlinks with:

We have analized the following period: from the first two weeks of October – when the campaign started – to the last two weeks of January.

To make this analysis as reliable as possible, we excluded the holiday season and we do not include results from the home page. We were noticing significant fluctuations in brand traffic in the given period.

What sets this campaign apart from others is the length of article. The client decided to order mostly 5000 and 7000 characters articles – and this could have had a positive impact on both the value of the link and the indexing of these articles.

Examples of articles with backlinks delivered with Link Planner:


Traffic change per popular SEO tools


Now let’s see if popular SEO tools – Ahrefs, Semstorm and Google Search Console – actually proof that all these backlinks helped rank Promees higher.


Increase in organic traffic and organic keywords per Semrush.

According to Semstorm, by the end of January, the visibility for 646 keywords had increased to 1006 in the TOP 10. 

The traffic increased from 39,000 to 61,000, which is over 50% in just 4 months.


Bear in mind that the client divided the campaigns in three stages when they spent:

  • 699,39$ the first stage
  • 582,82$ the second stage
  • 349,69$ the third stage
These stages are indicated below with arrows showing the corelation between average organic traffic and the stages of campaign.

Ahrefs shows that the traffic value increased from $3,000 to $5,600. 

Google Search Console

We know that a well-planned link building campaign also increases organic traffic from the image search –  which has grown by about 100%.

Traffic on was not growing significantly until the link building campaign has been lauched. 

In fact, since August, we observed declines in clicks from search results. It is only after the Link Planner campaign that the site began to grow: slowly at first, and then, after the second stage, the growth accelerates, even though visibility has dropped for a while, as shown below:

Analysis of linked URL's

Let’s have a closer look into the exact pages (URL’s) that we have been building backlinks to.

Complete set of women’s underwear (PL: Komplet bielizny damskiej)

Growth from 30 to 70 clicks per day.

Position increased from 17 to 2 – with very strong competition.

Women’s Harness (PL: Harness damskie)

Notice how total clicks were steadily declining before the launch of the first stage of campaign. Then, observe the grow in total clicks.

Positions were already high, but managed to lift them even higher (vertical scaling). Note how strong the local competition is, as it includes huge marketplaces such as olx and allegro.

Link Building Fact

Let’s add an interesting fact here to give you more insights into increasing the position.

The parameters of seem lower – especially if you look compare the Domain Rating to its biggest competitors.

What really makes a difference are the external links. Backlinks to this particular URL make the difference, allowing niche brands like Promees to compete with big scale competition!

Underwear (PL: Bielizna)

Clicks increased from 15 to 70 per day.

Positions increased for both underwear-related phrases and BDSM underwear. Traffic grew and did not stop even after the holiday season.

Year on year comparison

During December and January, year-over-year traffic increased from 100% to as much as 386%!

With a constant CTR level, the average position increase of 1.6 contributed to an increase in views on the first page of search results, which drove an increase in clicks. 

The chart below also excludes the homepage due to the significant portion of branded traffic that can disrupt the website’s SEO results.


As stated at the beginning, external links are just one of the three groups of ranking factors (the other two being technical elements and content). However, even though the changes concerned only external links, the significant effects of the conducted activities are noticeable.

Click growth is already 145% for linked URLs and 194% for the entire website (excluding the homepage). The average position for the entire site from October 3 to January 29 has increased by 5 positions (from an average position of 16 to an average position of 11). And all this in just 16 weeks. In the near future, we expect even more improvements in these results, as the website records regular increases in positions and visibility.

Disclaimer: We are aware that between October and January, there were three, maybe even four, algorithm updates in Google. Google has been getting us used to the fact that updates will become more frequent. In the end, what counts is how the on-site and off-site of a given website cooperate and what results they achieve. In December, one of the updates was SpamBrain, concerning external links. As you can see, it did not interfere the successful implementation of our link building campaign.

Link Planner in the service of link building

The Promees campaign was not only successful but also time-efficient.

URLs and external websites were selected in Link Planner in just a few seconds. The tool analyzes several factors and uses a larger number of tools than an average SEO specialist (based on our 2022 Link Building study). 

The entire implementation of the campaign was done by Link Planner – from preparation, to execution and assistance with publications. The client’s task was only to go through 3 simple steps and trust the artificial intelligence system. 

Give your domain a chance, try Link Planner!

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