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Link Building Campaign: Basic Guide to Start a Backlinks Campaign








Do you want to learn what a link building campaign is? How to conduct it properly to maximize the benefits and improve the visibility and organic traffic to your website? Then you’re in the perfect place! We’re going to explain all of this in more detail here – read this link building campaign guide and discover how to successfully build a strong backlink profile.

What Is a Link Building Campaign? Definition in a Nutshell

A link-building campaign is a strategic set of efforts conducted to get backlinks to your website. It involves both organic and manual link acquisition. As a result, it has to be well thought out – you wouldn’t like Google to mark your efforts as spammy and hence penalize your site, right?

To avoid this, you need to consider not only your goals and the domains from which you will acquire links but also the type of backlinks and the timing of their acquisition. However, if you prepare your campaign thoroughly, you’ll be able to acquire high-authority backlinks, which will significantly increase your site’s reputation in the eyes of the algorithms, thus ranking up in SERPs and attracting more organic traffic to your website.

How to Prepare a Link Building SEO Campaign? General Guide

Knowing what a link building campaign is, we can proceed with the basic principles of preparing it. This is a multi-step process, which we explain below.

Define Your Goals

You should start by determining the aim of your campaign. Naturally, the overall goal is to boost your SEO efforts; however, you should also define what you will prioritize in your efforts.

For example, your objective might be to attract users to your website directly and build brand awareness. In such cases, your campaign needs to be focused on acquiring backlinks from high-traffic domains. On the other hand, if your goal is to strengthen your already well-performing content, you will prioritize domain authority when acquiring the links.

You can define the number and type of backlinks you want to acquire based on the goals you set.

Research Your Competitors and Compare Link Profiles

The first of the link building strategies that you need to implement is thorough competitors’ analysis. Through it, you will learn all about the differences between your site’s and their sites’ link profiles, which will help you find a few excellent linking opportunities.

Naturally, you can complete this step using advanced tools. For example, our backlink gap module enables you to quickly analyze the main differences between you and your competitors, and to build links from the domains that link to their websites but don’t link to yours. 

Find Link Building Opportunities and Reach Out to Prospectors

Knowing your competitors’ efforts, you can look for link building opportunities. This step should involve:

  • Outreach – You might contact other website owners to acquire links. This might include:
    • Guest posting – You can write or buy guest posting, through which you will acquire high-quality, strong links.
    • Broken link building – Finding broken links and providing website owners with content that they could link there instead.
    • Buying links – You might also make the process much easier by using a link building marketplace to acquire links more quickly and with significantly less effort.
  • Quality content creation – Make content that is both helpful to the user and easily linkable, for instance:
    • expert articles that can be quoted as sources,
    • infographics,
    • pie charts,
    • short video guides.
  • Manual link acquisition – Finally, you can get links manually, for instance, by creating profiles in industry-specific directories.

Monitor Your Efforts

Acquiring high-authority/high-traffic backlinks is not enough. It isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning. To ensure that your campaign is effective, you need to monitor its performance.

Don’t focus only on the growth in links or your DA/DR in SEO tools like Moz, Semrush or Ahrefs. Look into the data on the pages that these backlinks lead to. Do you rank up in SERPs, or perhaps there is no difference? In the latter case, this means that you might need to readjust your link building campaign.

At the same time, remember that SEO always takes time to work, so… the result might not be visible immediately. So, monitor the impact of your campaign, but be patient with it.

How to Prepare a Link Building Campaign with Our Link Building Tool?

At Linkhouse we offer you a digital solution that will help you create your campaign: our link building tool – the Link Planner. It’s an AI-powered platform that enables you to carry out whole link building campaigns with little effort. How do you use it to prepare your strategy and put it to life?

Choose Your Settings

Firstly, you need to choose the settings for your campaign, starting from the goals. Here, you have three different options:

  • Increase domain visibility.
  • Increase visibility of specific URLs.
  • Increase visibility for specified phases and URLs.

In addition, you must enter your domain URL (or the powered URLs with keywords) along with its language and select a category – this is crucial for finding relevant link-building opportunities. You should also set your budget.

If you want to tailor your campaign to your needs, you can do it even further – there are a plethora of advanced settings that you can modify.

TIP: You can plan either a one-off campaign or a recurring one!

Scroll Through Best Backlink Building Opportunities

After you’ve set all the details, you will see a list of potential backlinks that you can buy, along with their prices. Mind that there will be more links than you need – you can scroll through the list and choose the ones that suit your campaign most.

You can mark those that interest you for later when you’ll be ordering them. On the left side of the UI, you’ll see a Used budget section, which will help you control your potential spending.

Order Quality Links from Linkhouse

Have you chosen the best links to your content? That’s perfect – now it’s time to set their properties and order them.

In many cases, you will have the possibility to modify the link itself – for example, by choosing the length of the guest posts. And, since we’re on the topic of guest posts, did you know that you can order AI-generated ones in the planner or on our traditional backlink-building market? All you have to do is send us the details and wait for the text to return to you. Afraid that the quality won’t be satisfactory? Don’t worry – you have to accept each post before we publish it!

The Takeaway

Link building campaigns are the backbone of SEO, which is itself a cornerstone of content marketing. Therefore, you need to be thorough when preparing your strategies. Usually, it takes a lot of time and effort, but with our tools: Link Building Market, Link Gap, and Link Planner, you will be able to prepare your campaigns efficiently and earn relevant, high-quality links. So, do not wait – get down to planning your link building campaign, and increase your page authority along with its ranking in search engines like Google.


What are the main types of links used in a link building campaign?

The main types of links in a link-building campaign include natural links, manually built links, and self-created links. Natural links come organically from other websites that want to link to your site because they find your content valuable. Manually built links are acquired through deliberate efforts like email outreach and guest posting. Self-created links involve adding your link to forums, blog comments, or user profiles. Using Linkhouse tools, you can easily identify and acquire these types of links.

How can I start a link-building campaign to improve my search engine rankings?

To start a link-building campaign, begin with link analysis to understand your current link profile. Create high-quality content that is relevant to your website and use strategic anchor text to build links. Utilize Linkhouse’s Link Planner for a streamlined approach to finding and acquiring backlinks. Monitor the effectiveness of your campaign by tracking the number of links pointing to your website and their impact on your search engine rankings.

What strategies can I use for building quality links through outreach?

Building quality links through outreach involves several strategies. Firstly, identify relevant websites and influencers in your niche that might want to link back to your content. Create a personalized email outreach campaign highlighting the value of your content and why it is relevant to their audience. Offer to write guest posts or provide them with a piece of content like infographics or expert articles. Regularly follow up to ensure they have received your message and are considering your link request.

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