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Summary of 2023 on Linkhouse








The 2023 is behind us, so it’s time to recap what happened in Linkhouse, and as you probably guessed… a lot did!

Changes on the Linkhouse platform

Let’s kick off by exploring the exciting enhancements to our platform:

  • Integration with Google Search Console
  • Introduction of the Advertiser and Publisher Dashboards
  • Integration with the powerful MOZ tool
  • Premium-quality text ordering capability
  • Launch of the Chat GPT plugin
  • Adaptation of APP for GA4
  • Exclusive Linkhouse SEO Backlink Finder Chrome browser plugin
  • Surfer AI available on APP

Do you prefer watching? Check out the video below 🎥

What's new in Link Planner

Summing up the year, we can’t forget to highlight our Link Planner, featuring:


In 2023, we visited SEO conferences in Estonia (SEO Estonia), Hungary (SEO Vibes Budapest), Spain (SEO on the Beach), and Thailand (Chiang Mai SEO Conference)! 🏝

We shared  experience and knowledge with experts worldwide during these precious visits.

See you soon!

A heartfelt thank you for being with us throughout the past year! It brought forth numerous innovations and improvements within and around the Linkhouse platform. 

As we step into 2024 with many ideas, we look forward to connecting with you soon! ✌🔥

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