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14 Best SEO Blogs to Follow in 2024








If you would like to up your SEO game in 2024, here are 14 blogs you will want to follow this year. Each one is in and of itself a handy guide to SEO best practices and together they make a great resource for anyone working with digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  At Linkhouse, the ultimate goal is to offer users a platform and frequently updated marketplace with a database of publishers, where they can quickly and conveniently order the publication of sponsored articles. These sponsored articles, backlinks, and collaborations all assist with Search Engine Optimization! In combination with the amazing blogs featured below, it is a win-win combination that will make it easier than ever to master the ever-changing waters of Search Engine Optimization in 2024.

Who Should Follow These SEO Blogs?

If you have an online business, sell goods or services online, or market your brands with digital media of any kind, then you are likely well aware of the process of Search Engine Optimization and how it works. For those who are looking to take their SEO work to the next level and truly capitalize on the power that comes from high search engine result ranking, these blogs are a treasure trove waiting to be discovered! The blogs highlighted here are perfect for a range of skill levels and industry markets. Everyone from a novice to a pro can find tips and tricks that can help them on their SEO journey. 

Best SEO Blogs to Follow

Best SEO Blog List for 2024 and Beyond

No matter the industry you are in or how long you have been around, if you are working in SEO and search result rankings then these are the blogs you should be following. Make 2024 your most successful year yet with these best SEO Blogs!

Reliablesoft Blog

With more than two decades of experience and service under its belt, the Reliablesoft Blog offers readers and subscribers actionable SEO tips and proven marketing techniques. Backed by a very experienced team of professionals, the blog actively works to provide the latest updates and personalized tips to readers. Anyone looking to make their mark in the digital marketing and SEO industry needs to have this blog on hand so they can keep up with the latest trends and changes with link building marketplace trends.

Google Search Central Blog

Because it is the official Google SEO Blog it is the one-stop shop for anyone wanting the latest on Google SEO trends and requirements. Google engineers share updates on Google algorithmic changes as well as tutorials, mini-lessons, and guides for several niche SEO practices readers might be interested in. Following this blog ensures readers are not caught off guard by any changes and adjustments to best SEO practices that Google has implemented and helps keep them up to date on all Google-related trends.

Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable is a blog all website managers and online businesses should follow if they want to stay in the know about everything happening in the SEO industry. The blog does a great job of covering SEO trends and updates and also provides insights into some of the less known and less ‘officially announced’ trends and changes that SEO analytics operate with. There are also forums where members can talk to other business managers to gain more insights and form industry connections.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is unique among modern-day websites and blogs as it is laid out in a newspaper-style setup. The focus of the content is on SEO services and offering tips on how to improve ranking and visitor engagement. It covers SEO, Paid Ads, Social Media, and other digital marketing topics. It offers blogs, news updates, SEO guides, podcasts, webinars, and even a FAQ weekly column. This blog is a great resource to help beginners learn SEO and stay updated on the latest SEO and ranking trends.

Semrush Blog

When it comes to SEO news sites and blogs, there are few as well-known or as successful as the Semrush Blog. The website is well-designed, easy to use, and the blogs are packed with great content that applies to a range of content and industry niches. The blogs and articles cover SEO in detail with something new being offered to readers nearly every single day. Their blogs are mostly long-form content and go over topics in depth, making it a perfect place to get everything one needs to know about SEO.

Ahrefs Blog

While not the most prolific blog and not one that is updated super regularly, there is still a lot of good information to find on Ahrefs’s SEO Blog. What is there is packed with high-quality content, practical steps, and actionable advice. They also use other social media platforms to post videos, tutorials, to offer tips on topics such as buying guest posting and backlinks from others in the industry. From beginners to pros there are great refresher blogs and actionable guides that anyone can utilize and benefit from.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is considered by some to be the oldest SEO-related blog that still exists on the Internet today. It launched in 2006 and was the go-to place for those first starting to hear about this thing called Search Engine Optimization. Today it is a hub of SEO news, and has become a trusted source for all digital marketing-related and SEO-focused topics. Search Engine Land also organizes in-person events and hosts talks and lessons from some of the most recognized speakers and SEO experts around today.

tl;dr Marketing

Playing on the popular online annotation TL;DR, meaning Too Long, Didn’t Read, tl;dr Marketing, is the place for bite-sized SEO news and updates. In this blog, the latest SEO news and critical updates regarding search engines, optimization and website content are distilled down into easy-to-read blog posts. Unpacking SEO this way tailors SEO info in a way that newbies can understand as they work on meta, tags, links, and finer details of SEO. It is a great blog to help anyone understand link-planning and link-building steps.  


Backlinko is another blog that has been around for a good while and that has earned a reputation as a trusted and vital tool for those working on Search Engine Optimizations. The blog was acquired by Semrush in 2022 and always has new content going live for readers to digest and learn from. Still today, more than ever, Backlinko is the go-to resource for many SEO professionals. There are handy guides for beginners, actionable steps for intermediates, and insightful lessons for professionals.

Content Marketing Institute

When it comes to finding easy-to-digest guides and blogs related to SEO best practices, Content Marketing Institute is one of the top resources content marketers should look at. They publish new content daily, covering SEO, content marketing, and social media utilization. CMI also regularly posts high-quality contributions from guest authors, making it a great way to let your own voice be heard within the marketing industry. It also makes it easier to get some helpful backlinks and increased visibility for your blog.

Brodie Clark SEO Blog

Brodie Clark offers a unique approach to Search Engine Optimization and lends a unique perspective as well. Clark is an SEO consultant based in Australia and in the SEO Blog, experts share research, studies, blogs, and guides on how search features work and how to make SEO rankings work for rather than against marketing. They offer regular updates on changes made by Google to algorithms and provide expert tips and insights into how to roll with the changes and keep up with the latest trends and updates.

Mangools Blog

There are plenty of insightful tid-bits to find in the Mangools blog. This handy online resource contains guides, interviews, and even “SEOpedia” style articles that explain common search engine terms and concepts such as backlink gaps and optimization. Like all great SEO blogs, it covers a range of topics from optimization to keyword search to marketing and even blog writing tips and tricks. Each post is written with simple language perfect for SEO and marketing beginners as well as small business owners in any market.

Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable is the blog experts and beginners alike turn to when they want to keep abreast of the latest news and trends within the world of SEO. This news-style blog reports on all SEO-related news. Because the SEO industry is always changing and adapting, Search Engine Roundtable blog updates frequently, sometimes as many as five or more times a day when big changes take place. Big and small changes alike can impact marketing and SEO so hearing when something happens is key and SER keeps everyone in the know.

Yoast SEO Blog

The Yoast SEO blog is helpful for general SEO improvements but it is especially handy for those who are looking to improve their WordPress SEO. But even users with other website platforms can put their tips into practice as they are designed to be all-encompassing and applicable to nearly any industry. Yoast has the reputation of being the best WordPress SEO plugin on the market and the blog offers a number of resources that can help bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate SEO content including topical backlinks and true SEO. 

These are just some of the best SEO blogs that you can follow this year to make 2024 the year your business takes off and marketing finally becomes easier. So check them out and see what changes you can make to your SEO and marketing plans with your website this year!


What are the top SEO blogs to follow in 2024 for the latest news and trends?

For the latest in search engine optimization, staying updated with blogs like Moz, Search Engine Journal, and Backlinko is a must. These platforms are known to be some of the best SEO blogs, frequently updated with the latest in search marketing and technical SEO insights by expert bloggers.

Who are the SEO experts behind these best SEO blogs?

Many of these leading blogs are managed by recognized influencers and SEO experts in the industry. For example, Moz’s blog benefits from contributions by Rand Fishkin, Backlinko is run by Brian Dean, and Neil Patel contributes to both his eponymous blog and QuickSprout. These individuals are known for their deep understanding of SEO topics and trends.

How can I find technical SEO tips for my website optimization?

For those looking for technical SEO advice, blogs like Moz and Search Engine Land offer extensive guides and articles covering all facets of on-site optimization. They frequently discuss topics critical to SEO, such as site speed, mobile optimization, and structured data.

Are there any SEO blogs that focus specifically on WordPress optimization?

Yes, WP Beginner and Yoast SEO Blog are considered some of the best SEO blogs for WordPress users. They provide comprehensive guides to SEO, covering WordPress-specific topics such as plugin recommendations, theme optimization for SEO success, and how to create seo content that ranks.

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