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Link Buying – Should You Buy Backlinks for SEO in 2024?








Link buying is, as the name suggests, the process of purchasing backlinks for SEO purposes. Should you do it? Usually, yes. If you need to acquire a lot of inbound links quickly, link buying is often the best choice. Sometimes, you don’t have a choice at all – in certain industries, you won’t even find opportunities to obtain links for free.

When buying links, you need to be very careful – while it’s a quick way to obtain the so-needed backlinks, it’s also an easy way to pay for low-quality linking. Therefore, you should only opt for trustworthy sources, such as our link building marketplace. Do you want to find out more? Then read on!

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What Is Link Buying, and Will It Help Your Site?

Link buying is the process of acquiring backlinks, like guest posts or link insertions, for money. Usually, it’s impossible to avoid paying for links overall, so knowing how to do it properly is crucial for your link-building strategy. At the same time, you don’t always have to rely mostly on paid links – it all depends on your goals, the industry you operate in, and other variables.

Can paid link building help your website? Yes, it can. However, you cannot just buy a thousand links right away and expect your ranks in Google to go up – like with other link building strategies, link buying needs to be approached carefully, with a meticulously crafted plan.

Where Can You Buy Backlinks to Climb Up the Ranking?

Naturally, there are many sources from which you can buy backlinks, some more convenient, while others require you to do some research. Here’s a short overview of some of them.

Backlink Buying on Link-Building Marketplaces

Firstly, you can build paid links using a link building marketplace, such as Linkhouse. These are often the best sources when you’re looking for large inbound link quantities since they offer a plethora of domains and link types, letting you diversify your backlink profile and build your link-buying strategy from one place.

For instance, Linkhouse offers you the opportunity to purchase backlinks from over 75000 domains. That seems like a lot, doesn’t it? That’s why our platform comes with over 60 filters, which let you navigate through the offers efficiently, enabling you to find the perfect links for your website.

Paid Guest Posts with Links to Your Website

In theory, guest posts should be created mainly due to the quality of content and the willingness of the website owner to publish them. In practice, you’ll usually need to pay for an SEO guest post with the link placed on the right anchor text.

Due to this, an alternative has emerged which, while not free, enables you to create such articles more efficiently – you can buy guest posting. By this, we don’t only mean paying the website’s owner to publish your content but also getting the content written by an expert copywriter.

Is this alternative good? If you know what you want and can get it, then yes. This is why at Linkhouse, we are transparent and offer you an option to choose what you focus on: traffic vs. domain authority and select the minimum parameters for the website you are going to publish your post on.

Buy Links from Website Owners

You may conduct link buying the easy way or the traditional way. The latter, since that’s what we are discussing now, might be more time-consuming. Buying links directly from the website owners requires you to find appropriate sites and go through price negotiations. What is more, sometimes those sites won’t allow you to create the content yourself (or have strict rules regarding it), which might make it more difficult to obtain quality backlinks.

This is why we don’t recommend this particular tactic. After all, it requires you to use SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz or Semrush to actually check each site’s parameters, then contact the owners, pay, and wait for the content to be published – all without the guarantee that the link will prove useful.

How Much Do People Pay for a Link?

Knowing where to buy links, you might be interested in learning more about their costs. The truth is that it highly depends on the domain (including its authority scores from SEO tools), the type of link, and whether you create content for the link, or not.

For example, one guest post (written by us + published) for a site with at least 20 DR costs $120. If you’re looking for better sites, let’s say with a 40 DR, the price increases to $210. On the other hand, if you were to buy a guest post link in our marketplace but decided to write the article yourself, the price would be lower.

All You Need to Know about Buying Backlinks – Tips from SEO Professionals

While link buying can be really useful, you cannot just enter a marketplace, pay for a ton of links, and expect your website to rank up – if it were so, search engine rankings would be ruled by those with the largest budgets. Instead, you need to carefully think through the way you obtain the links, ensuring that you have a healthy backlink profile. What does it mean in practice?

  • Obtain links from good sources high-authority backlinks from reputable websites. While it’s impossible to determine how Google perceives each site, you can use the estimates available in SEO tools (you’ll find them in our link-building marketplace as well).
  • Don’t buy links all at once – the algorithms will perceive this as link spam and might even penalize your website for such a practice.
  • Diversify your backlink profile – you want your backlink profile to look natural. This means a healthy proportion of follow/no-follow links, using both clean URLs and anchor texts, and buying different types of links.
  • Buy high-quality backlinks – the quality of the content around the link is also crucial. Thus, ensure it’s good.

Here, we have something that could help you – our link-building tool, the Linkhouse Link Planner. It’s a convenient solution that will help you map out your strategy, bring it to life, and automate it to ensure that you acquire links in proper time intervals and let you purchase links directly from our marketplace.

Should You Still Buy Links as a Part of Your SEO Strategy?

Finally, let’s answer the question from the title: should you get paid links? Yes!

Buying backlinks is an excellent way to accelerate your link building process and spare the time of your SEO or marketing team. However, you shouldn’t rely purely on paid links. Instead, combine them with your naturally acquired links and those obtained manually to make it most effective.

Do you still fear whether link buying is a black- or white-hat SEO practice? Don’t worry. Google allows paying for content, materials, outreach, etc., and it lets you pay for the services of a link building agency that will build links for you. Thus, if you work with us, for instance, by using our marketplace or link planner, there’s nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if you receive some shady link-buying offers from companies or individuals that you don’t really know, it’s best not to accept them since it might cause more harm than good.

The Takeaway

What is link buying? It’s the process of paying for backlinks as a part of your link building strategy. You can do this in special link building marketplaces or in direct contact with website owners. To do paid backlink building properly, you have to carefully plan your strategy, with the quality and frequency of the links in mind. Or, you might use our set of link building tools, which enable you to do this much more efficiently.


What are paid links and should I use them to build links to my site?

Paid links are backlinks that you purchase to boost your website’s SEO. While they can help quickly build your link profile, it’s essential to follow Google’s guidelines to avoid penalties. Buying or selling backlinks should be done carefully, ensuring they come from reputable sources and not part of a link scheme. High-quality content and organic link building should also be part of your strategy to create a balanced and effective SEO approach.

What are follow links and why do people buy them?

Follow links are backlinks that pass SEO value (PageRank) from one site to another, boosting the linked site’s rankings. People buy follow links to improve their site’s visibility for specific keywords in search engines. However, it’s crucial to buy quality backlinks from credible sources to avoid penalties. A mix of follow and no-follow links, along with a focus on quality content, will create a more natural link profile.

Are there safe ways to buy and sell links for SEO purposes?

Yes, there are safer ways to buy and sell links. Link buyers should look for high-quality backlinks that appear natural and are part of a broader organic link building strategy to avoid penalties.

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