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Top 39 Websites for Backlinks: Boost Your SEO in 2024








Looking for high quality backlinks for your SEO? Here’s the top “websites for backlinks” list. No fluff or fuss. Tested for 2024 to boost your site’s authority.

Quick Notes

  • High quality backlinks are key to visibility and authority in search engine rankings and platforms like Linkhouse Marketplace have huge databases and advanced filters to find niche specific publishers.
  • Creating quality content for guest posting on relevant platforms and using nofollow and dofollow backlinks as part of a overall SEO strategy will get you more website visibility and traffic.
  • Social media, interactive content and infographics can amplify backlink strategies and directories and citation sites are useful for creating backlinks with minimal effort, supporting local SEO and business visibility.

The online game is tough and in this ever changing battlefield, high quality backlinks are your secret weapon. The digital warriors who know the power of this resource and know how to create backlinks are the ones who top the search engine rankings. By mastering the art of backlink creation they ensure their website’s visibility and authority in the search engine world.

In this post we will reveal a treasure trove of web pages where you can create powerful backlinks to boost your SEO and get among the digital top.

Linkhouse Marketplace

Join the Linkhouse Marketplace, a platform that represents the best in link building and content marketing. With transparency and support guaranteed:

  • Different service formats
  • Various link building and content marketing options
  • Access to experts
  • Collaboration and growth opportunities

Join Linkhouse Marketplace today and take your link building and content marketing to the next level.

Whether you’re into guest posting, link insertions or advertising links, the free SEO data insights you have at your disposal will help you make data driven decisions that the search engines will love. Use the link building tools of Linkhouse to boost your website’s SEO.

A Treasure of Publishers

Linkhouse Marketplace is a giant library with over 75,000 publishers across multiple topics and niches. Whether you’re looking for backlinks in technology, fashion or health and wellness, this huge database is your guide to navigate the ocean of publishers and find the perfect publisher for your content.

Advanced Filtering

With over 60 filters at your disposal, Linkhouse Marketplace makes backlink acquisition an art. Refine your targeting and get every backlink you acquire to fit your website’s puzzle. The filters will help you build a link building strategy as solid as it is precise.

Stay Ahead with Fresh SEO Data

In the fast paced world of search engine optimization, being ahead means having the latest data and creating linkable assets that contribute to backlink generation. Linkhouse gives you an edge by providing updated SEO parameters from the industry’s biggest tools:

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Majestic
  • MOZ

This is your source of knowledge so your SEO strategies are not only current but also powered by the same data that the search engines use.

Backlink Sites Every Website Owner Should Know

In SEO not all backlinks are equal. The power of a backlink is often determined by the domain authority of the site it comes from. Backlinks from sites like BizSugar with a Domain Rating of 70 and Mix with an Authority rating of 91 are like digital royalty whose endorsement can boost your site’s authority in the eyes of the search engines. Innovative platforms like GrowthHackers also exist, where you can earn followed backlinks by contributing to their discussions.

But backlinks don’t stop at domain authority. Participating in journalistic services like SourceBottle opens up media opportunities especially in niches like health and lifestyle that can increase your website’s visibility and backlink portfolio.

And if you have a creative side, platforms like DeviantArt are where you can showcase your art while weaving backlinks into your story and attract new clients and boost your SEO in the process.

The Top 39 Backlink Sites

Enter the list of 39 free backlinks sites that can be the foundation of a solid SEO strategy. These sites have been handpicked, quality checked and represent a range of opportunities to build backlinks that have authority and relevance. From the visual platforms of Flickr and Unsplash to the curated topic pages of, this is your guide to the best backlink sites of 2024.

Top 39 Backlink Sites

Enter the list of 39 free backlink sites that can be the foundation of a solid SEO strategy. These sites have been handpicked, quality checked and represent a range of opportunities to build backlinks that have authority and relevance. From the visual platforms of Flickr and Unsplash to the curated topic pages of, this is your guide to the best backlink sites of 2024.

  1. ALLTOP: The AllTop aggregator automatically logs the RSS feed of your blog every time you create a new post. What could be easier?
  2. HUBSPOT: HubSpot is a one-stop shop for all things marketing, sales, and customer service.
  3. BIZSUGAR: Business professionals share and vote “Sugars” for small business news and tips.
  4. CLICKUP: A project management tool loved by many, perfect for sharing productivity tips.
  5. BUSINESS 2 COMMUNITY: Same as BizSugar but with a more modern look, for professionals to share business and marketing information.
  6. ENTREPRENEUR: A well-known platform for business content.
  7. CRUNCHBASE: Business information about private and public companies.
  8. TECHOPEDIA: A platform for tech enthusiasts to show off their knowledge.
  9. DEVIANTART: Digital artists can upload work and include backlinks to their main website.
  10. OPENSOURCE: Promotes open-source software development.
  11. GITHUB: A repository for developers to store and manage their source code.
  12. OUTBRAIN: Web advertising.
  13. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS PROFILE: Important for local businesses to include backlinks.
  14. WAKELET: A content curation platform.
  15. GOOGLE SITES: Allows you to create simple sites with backlinks.
  16. EDUTOPIA: K-12 education.
  17. MORE GOOGLE ASSETS: Using various Google platforms like Blogger and Drive to improve backlink profiles.
  18. CLUTCH: B2B ratings and reviews platform.
  19. GROWTHHACKERS: A community of digital marketers where you can build backlinks.
  20. HACKERNOON: Cryptocurrency, AI, and startup advice.
  21. HARO: Connects you to journalists looking for sources.
  22. YOURSTORY: Shares stories of entrepreneurs and startups.
  23. ISSUU: Upload PDFs turned into flipbooks with backlinks.
  24. CLOUDWAYS: Managed cloud hosting platform.
  25. LINKEDIN: Allows many backlinks to your website, blog posts, and more.
  26. DATASCIENCECENTRAL: Hub for data professionals.
  27. LIVEJOURNAL: A high authority platform.
  28. FYLEHQ: Transforms expense management with advanced technology.
  29. MEDIUM: Publish articles and add many backlinks.
  30. PAGEFLY: E-commerce page builder platform for Shopify stores.
  31. MIX: A nice website to curate content and add backlinks.
  32. QUORA: Add backlinks in your profile and answers to questions.
  33. REDDIT: Backlinks in profiles and posts, following subreddit rules.
  34. SCOOP.IT: Publish topic pages with curated content and backlinks.
  35. SLIDESHARE: Create presentations with backlinks.
  36. SOUNDCLOUD: Audio sharing platform where you can add backlinks to your tracks.
  37. TRUSTPILOT: Businesses can add backlinks and collect customer reviews.
  38. TUMBLR: Micro-blogging with backlinks.
  39. UNSPLASH: Photographers can share their work and add backlinks.
  40. WATTPAD: Platform for storytelling with option to add backlinks.

Authority Sites

High domain authority sites are the foundation of a solid backlink strategy. A backlink from one of these sites can be the game changer in your SEO efforts and push your search engine rankings to the next level. Beyond the raw power of domain authority, industry specific sites exist, where you can connect your content to an audience ready for your message.

Imagine platforms like Crunchbase, a hub of business information, where a backlink not only adds to your link profile but also establishes you as an authority in your niche.

NoFollow and Follow Links

As you navigate the backlink landscape, understanding the difference between NoFollow and DoFollow links is key. NoFollow links, found in blog comments and social media, tell search engines not to follow the link but they don’t diminish the trust signal they send to users and search engines.

DoFollow links, also known as dofollow backlinks, that pass link juice are the coveted messengers that tell search engines about the credibility and value of your website. Having both in your link building strategy is a balanced and effective approach to SEO.

Guest Posting Content

In the content kingdom, quality is king especially when it comes to guest posting. This SEO technique allows you to write your story into another website and leave backlinks that funnel traffic and recognition. A good guest post requires a mix of valuable insights, targeted topics and strategic backlink placement – whether in the content or author bio.

The result is a win-win situation where both your site and the host site benefits from informative articles that are engaging and interesting.

Where to Guest Post

Finding the right platform for guest posting is like finding a kindred spirit in the digital world. Use search engines with precision, use queries like ‘write for us’ and niche keywords to find websites that accept your guest posts. Check the guest blogging policies of potential sites to make sure they align with your goals and have a quality that reflects your brand.

Consider Domain Authority and editorial process as these are indicators of a site’s influence and commitment to excellence. With thorough research and well crafted pitches the doors to good guest blogging sites will open for you.

How to Write an Unstoppable Guest Post

To write a guest post that captures the reader’s heart and mind – and the host site’s attention – requires more than just words. It needs an irresistible mix of engaging story, in-depth information and tone that matches the host site’s tone. Your content must be informative and also reflective of the site’s voice, answering the audience’s questions and challenges with clarity and depth.

A guest post that does this is not just a temporary visitor; it becomes a permanent and valuable part of the host site’s landscape, just like a good blog post.

Backlinks from Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is not just about sharing your expertise; it’s a play in the SEO game. The strategic placement of backlinks in your guest post can be a magnet, guiding readers back to your site. To maximize your guest blogging efforts make sure your backlinks are relevant and add value to the content not detract from it.

By doing so you also increase your own site’s authority and contribute to the host site’s richness.

Do You Want to Speed Up Link Acquisition? Use Linkhouse

If you’re serious about accelerating your link acquisition process, look no further than Linkhouse. This powerful platform allows you to buy sponsored publications with backlinks, providing a swift and effective way to boost your SEO efforts. With Linkhouse, you gain access to a vast network of high-authority websites ready to host your content. The platform’s user-friendly interface and extensive filtering options ensure you find the perfect match for your niche, maximizing the impact of each backlink. Don’t wait for organic backlinks to trickle in – take control of your SEO strategy and see immediate results by leveraging the robust capabilities of Linkhouse.

Backlinks from Social Media

Use social media platforms to supercharge your backlink strategy. Platforms like Medium, GitHub and Quora allows you to embed backlinks in various types of content from articles to code repositories. Engage with your audience on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and add backlinks that points back to your site.

While social media backlinks are nofollow, the indirect benefits they provide – visibility and a natural backlink profile – should not be ignored in the bigger picture of your SEO.


LinkedIn is a great place to build professional relationships and find backlink opportunities. Here are some tips to help you maximize LinkedIn:

  1. Optimize your profile with a catchy headline and summary that describes your value proposition.
  2. Share updates and articles with backlinks regularly and expand your digital footprint and drive traffic to your site.
  3. Engage with others, participate in discussions and find guest blogging opportunities through your network.

By doing this you can build valuable connections and drive traffic to your site.

Remember, while LinkedIn is nofollow, the connections and credibility you build can lead to a chain of indirect SEO benefits.

Engaging Audiences on Pinterest and Tumblr

Pinterest and Tumblr are different landscapes where content must be tailored to specific demographics. On Tumblr where the pulse of Gen Z is strong, your content must mirror the youthful energy and colorful aesthetic of the audience. Add creativity and relevance to your posts and you’ll find backlinks will naturally fall into shared interests and common ground.

Expand Your Reach with Twitter

Twitter, the land of brevity and humor, is a great platform to expand your reach and get backlinks. Engage with influencers to amplify your message, create content that can be shared and use hashtags to cast a wider net.

As you build your reputation your tweets become more than just tweets – they become bridges that lead the audience back to your site and backlink strategy and SEO.

Interactive Content and Infographics: A Backlink Treasure Trove

Interactive content and infographics are the crown jewels when it comes to backlinks. These types of content engage the audience and get shared and cited across the web. An infographic that simplifies complex data into a visual delight is not only a magnet for user engagement but also a backlink magnet.

By adding interactive elements to your content you not only enhance the user experience but also create a backlink friendly ground.

Directories and Citation Sites in SEO

Directories and citation sites are part of the local SEO landscape, primarily useful for creating backlinks with minimal effort. They are landmarks that help users navigate their local market, increase visibility, connect businesses with customers, and add to the richness of a website’s link profile.

User reviews are both a trust indicator and a ranking factor so being on these sites is a smart move for local visibility and SEO.


As we wrap up, let’s summarize – we’ve covered a lot of ground from the Linkhouse Marketplace to social media, each with its own backlink opportunities. Use these tips, follow them and engage with the digital world. The path to SEO success is built with the backlinks you collect along the way and now is the time to start building.


How do I ensure the quality of backlinks I’m getting?

Get backlinks from high domain authority sites in your niche and use backlink checkers to assess the quality. Prioritize sites with strong editorial standards and avoid any with signs of spam.

Are NoFollow backlinks irrelevant for SEO?

NoFollow backlinks are not irrelevant for SEO. Although they don’t pass link juice directly they still add to a natural and diverse backlink profile and can signal trust to users and search engines.

How often should I publish guest posts for link building?

Focus on quality not quantity when publishing guest posts for link building. Create valuable and informative content that aligns with your SEO goals and can be published on good sites. Don’t focus on quantity.

Can social media backlinks improve my website’s SEO?

Social media backlinks may not directly impact search rankings but they can still benefit your website’s SEO by increasing traffic, expanding reach and visibility and that’s an indirect positive effect on SEO.

Do directories and citation sites work in 2024?

Yes, directories and citation sites are still relevant for SEO, particularly for local businesses looking to boost their visibility and credibility in search rankings. These sites are especially useful for creating backlinks with minimal effort, as they primarily serve the purpose of submitting information to enhance your online presence.

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