Manual for platform - publisher


To check a preview of your websites and offers choose from the menu the PUBLISHER button, then select the MY WEBSITES.

Use the button ADD A NEW WEBSITE to declare new websites. You can also do it directly from the menu, choosing the PUBLISHER button and then the ADD A NEW WEBSITE button.

If you had cooperated with Linkhouse before, you will find your websites in this bookmark. The offer determined by you for each was imported.

You can edit this offer or add a new one (we cordially invite you to do so). In this bookmark you can edit informations about your website or disable your website (this action WILL NOT remove the website but will enable deactivation of all offers that are connected with this website). To acitvate the website (and all offers) click the same button.


To manage offers choose the PUBLISHER, then the MY WEBSITES and find a website that you are interested in. Now you can add offers from one of 4 main categories: sponsored articles, backlinks in existing articles, advertising backlinks (text links and banners) and mailings.

To preview and edit offers for the specific website click on the pen icon.

Here you can see, edit and turn on/off offers. Also, you can check status of your offers and give them their own names that only you can see – it can help you with managing the offers. To do so double-click specific offer in the column OFFER NAME.

Every new offer and an offer after turning on is moderated. Process of moderation takes max. 24 hours (during working days it usually takes few minutes).


Choose the PUBLISHER, then the ORDERS to see the history of all orders. (ATTENTION: orders realised by Linkhouse before running are not imported to this view.)

Choose the DETAILS OF ORDER button to see detailed guidelines (texts, photos, graphics, informations about backlinks etc.) Now you can publish an order, ask advertiser for a correction (if current conditions do not allow you to publish an article, but after a correction publication will be possible) or reject the publication (for exaple if the subject matter is not acceptable for you).



To withdraw funds choose from the menu option the FINANCES button and then click on the WALLET.

On the left side in the upper part of a screen, you can see a cumulative state of your account; on the right side you can see money that you have earned by selling publications on your website. You can withdraw funds that you earned. To do so, please click the WITHDRAW FUNDS button.

Next step is to give the sum that you would like to pay out. It can be a certain amount of money or a total. Due to security standards, you will have to input your bank account number. Personal data or company data based on settings of your account will be filled authomatically.

The order to withdraw funds (after confirmation) will apppear on a list of operations below your balance.

Click on the button of sending a bill/an invoice to send a document that we should pay for. Bank transfer will be sent within 2 workdays. In case of rejection of cash withdrawal request (e.g. because of mistakes in invoice or lack of funds), you will get information about the rejection and its reasons within 2 workdays. Money will appear back on your accoun.